Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays

Christmas feels a little odd this year.  No snow on the ground, lots of rain.  It was 13 degrees on Christmas Day.  No snow shoes or skis.  Mittens rendered unnecessary.

This is the only snowman I've seen so far this year
It was a busy December with long hours of work for both of us.  On Christmas Eve we collapsed on the couch to eat ridiculous amounts of chocolate and watch movies.

the couch is otherwise occupied in this shot but we did get a chance to sit down eventually
Kittens made decorating anything under four feet close to impossible.  Instead we chose a table top tree and a string of cards on high.  

Lights were inadvisable since strings of any sort are highly sought after and longing to be chewed.  Not to mention kittens can climb curtains with ease.

decorations high up on cabinet tops
Despite the changes it's been a lovely holiday and I hope everyone is enjoying this winter reprieve as much as we are.  Many good wishes to you all and blessings in the new year from all of us here on the corner.