Cats on the Corner

I confess, I am a lover of cats.  Big ones, small ones, long hair and short.  Some black, some white, tabbies and tuxedos.  When we left British Columbia my official garden cat Gino came with me.


Gino was adopted from the East Vancouver SPCA many moons ago and has moved with me through several gardens.  Cats are known to be cantankerous at best when it comes to moving but I have thanked my lucky stars many times over that moving seems to have little effect on my beloved garden buddy.  

Gino's days of being a single cat came to an end when we purchased our new home.  The previous mistress of the house was also a cat lover and we inherited Mr. FunnyFace with the new house.  

Funnyface was pretty wild when we first encountered him.  Food was accepted but all other contact was rejected.  Circumstances have changed over the years.  He's come to accept us and decided the couch isn't such a bad place to hang out.  For a once feral cat he's incredibly affectionate and it's a treat to have him in our home.

Our latest additions came in the form of feral kittens.  Found in a friend's barn I simply had to offer them a home.  Teddy and Archie have been an entertaining addition to the group.

Teddy is just about the prettiest kitten I have ever encountered.

Not only is he good looking but he is a calm and affectionate cat.  He likes nothing better than a group cuddle with us and all the other cats.

Archie is Teddy's polar opposite.

There is nothing calm about this cat.  He is a constant ball of curious energy that is intent on discovering every single thing around him.  I have found him anywhere from under the garage to the top of a 40 foot tree and places in-between.  
Luckily, both of them seem to enjoy playing in the garden and I look forward to many years of garden adventures with all my cats.