Saturday, May 29, 2010

Triumphs and Tragedies

It seems that many times lifes highs are directly accompanied with a corresponding low.  So it is this week.


Look at all this lovely Candytuft.  This is a perennial variety which I believe is called Iberis sempervirens.  It's all through the flower bed and blooming it's pretty little heads off.  The dark foliage and bright flowers are gorgeous and it smells like honey.  Really, if you get in there all you can smell is honey.  My encyclopedia tells me Candytuft has a light scent and certainly this isn't overpowering and maybe it's just sheer volume but there's the unmistakable smell of honey.  This little plant has won me over completely.


Look at all that grass coming up, over, around and through the candytuft!  The weeding of this bed is going to be a nightmare.


  1. I always have grass popping up through my lavender. Such a pain to weed. Beautiful candy tuft though. I have some in a pot that I should really let loose into the bed. It has such a lovely layered form. I haven't noticed a fragrance on mine, but it is a small plant, and in an awkward spot to get to.

  2. After you have pulled that grass, sprinkle the area with PREEN and it will keep the grass away. Good luck!

  3. ah, yes .. this seems to be the 'year of the weeds' .. we got some manure earlier in the spring which, it turns out, was from the top of the pile, and is full of weeds, including lots of grass .. all growing happily up through everything i mulched .. yup, it's the joys .. anyway, it's a good thing i like weeding ..

  4. That candytuft is so pretty -- the grass does add a lovely green contrast, if that's of any comfort at all. :)

  5. Hi Everyone! I took yesterday away from the computer in order to spend more time outside. Thanks for all your comments. This particular flower bed has some gorgeous plants but boy is it ever a pain in the butt! Not only is it chock full of grass and weeds there are layers of plastic and landscaping fabric underneath it all so I actually have to cut holes with scissors in order to get at the weeds. Thus far I'm ignoring it and that works well too. Eventually a major overhaul will be necessary though.

    @Laura. There is no chore I more thoroughly enjoy than weeding lavender. Every time you pull a weed you get hit with a puff of the most wonderful fragrance. Bliss.

    @ Jane. I've heard of this from other people. Purchasing manure that wasn't quite rotted enough and ended up with weeds as a result. Horse manure seems to be worse for this but I'm not sure why.

  6. Don't you just hate grass! Once it sneaks in among the flowers it is hard to get rid of it. I love candy tuff as well, although it can get a bit leggy as it gets older.