Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lost and Found

I do a lot of digging.  Beds for vegetables.  Holes for trees.  Flower beds.  Disposing of mice (okay so maybe I didn't need to mention that last one).

Every time I dig I find stuff. 

Some of it is garbage.

Bits of plastic and burnt things all smooshed together and covered in dirt.  Not too many years ago there was no garbage service in these rural areas.  You either needed to haul it to the dump yourself, or people would burn their garbage.  The charred remains it seems were simply dug into the ground.  How many years do you suppose this has been sitting here?  What was it before?  Why has it not broken down?  There's a lot to ponder here.

Other times I find glass.

Sometimes I find broken dishes.

Some things appear to be very old, like these rusty square nails.

Some things seem to be a little out of place

Some things are easily identifiable, like this belt buckle.

Other things are puzzling.

One man's trash is another man's treasure


  1. This post made me smile! I'm always finding random things in the dirt. It seems I'm regularly digging holes too. I like your jar.

  2. We have a collection of objects dug up from our garden as well. The most interesting is a Victorian childs shoe, I am amazed that it is so well perserved. Leather does not rot easily.

  3. I love the jar of bits and pieces. Perhaps someday you can make a small mosaic with your garden finds.

  4. Kilbournegrove - wow, I would have thought that leather, being natural, would have disintegrated. Tanning preservatives I guess? That's pretty amazing though to find a shoe. I'm jealous.

    Laura - I've always loved beach glass and rarely find it anymore. When I saw all these bits of colourful glass I knew I had to keep them. Not only are they pretty, they will be a nice reminder of this time starting my garden.

    LifesHighway - great idea! I hadn't thought of that. I've previously considered making stepping stones. Perhaps this is the time to make one to commemorate our new garden. Something new out of something old.