Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacationing on PEI

We're taking a vacation here this week at Canoe Corner but we haven't left the island.  Instead my parents and sister have come to visit.  We're taking in the sights, sounds and tastes of Prince Edward Island and unfortunately this doesn't leave much time for writing.  I'll be back to regular programming in a couple more days time.  For now I'll leave you with more pictures of the garden and grounds at Green Gables in Cavendish.
The back of the house with bed of annuals and ivy covered kitchen.

Flower beds in the front of the house.
Unidentified plant in the flower border.  LOVE this plant but have no idea what it is.  Any guesses?
The front yard is bordered by a white fence and inside that fence lies a wonderful kitchen garden and flower beds.
Beyond the house lies Lovers Lane and the Haunted Wood.  A shady trail runs through the trees and these beautiful ostrich ferns carpet the ground.  
Lovers Lane


  1. Have a great time!
    Your ounidentified plant is a ligularia, a few different varities, so google it.

  2. Have a wonderful vacation and visit with your family. Your garden is lovely and have I said enough how much I love that house.

  3. Showing around visiting family and friends is such a great way to get acquainted with the sites in a new home -- and checking out the local flora while you're at it is an extra treat! Have a great time; you'll probably end up with all kinds of new ideas for your garden (including ligularia). -Jean

  4. @Kilbournegrove and Jean. Thank you for identifying this plant!! I've now seen it in three separate gardens and can't wait to buy it. Such fantastic greenery and large leaves.

    @LifesHighway, unfortunately I can't lay claim to this house, it's much tidier and well painted than mine! But you've identified one of the reasons we wanted to live here. We kept driving by these gorgeous old farm houses and they tug at my heartstrings every time.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! What a place to have a get away! I hop you enjoyed yours!

  6. Yes, as Deb and Jean said, it's ligularia; either 'Othello' or 'Desdemona' (they're hard to tell apart. Slugs love them in some gardens, but I just ignore slugholes and let the plants do their thing. The flowers are like big daisies, whereas the flowers of L. 'The Rocket' and Przewalski's ligularia are both spikes with smaller flowers on them. Very interesting plant. (thus sayeth the plant geek).

    And thank YOU for identifying my moth. I'm glad it's a moth; there were plenty of them around here a couple of weeks ago, like a hatching of them, and I wondered what we had. They're rather pretty, now that I know what they are.