Friday, September 24, 2010

Triumphs and Tragedies

oh the tragedy.  

It's bloody cold and raining!  So much so that the wood boiler has been called into action.  It's that time of year again.  And to boot the sun is going down ever quicker each evening.  No more long evenings spent out in the garden after work.  The darkness descends quickly and by 7:30pm it's pitch black.  So I will be trying to cram in as much gardening this weekend as possible.  I still have trees to finish mulching and vegetables to harvest before the frosts arrive.

One thing I do like about living out east though is the change in seasons.  You definitely know that it's fall here.
The air is crisp, the light has a glow and there are so many pretty colours.

Another tragedy is the disappearance of our friendly black and yellow spider.  I was worried that a bird had found her as I've seen the cedar waxwings devouring the spiders off of our front porch.  But it seems more likely that she too sensed the changing of the seasons.  The other day I found this in her place.
A triumph.  There will be more spiders in next years garden to take her place.


  1. She's left you and your garden a wonderful parting gift! I hope this fall has warm sunny days and late in the season frosts. gail

  2. It was 97 here the other day!!! According to grand poohbahs at the National Meterlogical Association, or something like that, the DC area had the worst summer in the nation this year! It's finally raining today and only 65 and the birds are singing a grand chorus. :0)

  3. Gail, thanks for the warm wishes. Unfortunately it seems like this fall has been very rainy. I shouldn't complain since it will keep my new trees watered but I sure could use a few more sunny days. I'm not ready for it to be winter yet.

    TS - oh my goodness! I just had to look up what 97 meant and realized it's 35 degrees celcius. that's unreal. no wonder you're happy to have rain. I'd be aching for cooler weather after that.

  4. That dreaded descent into darkness and death :(

  5. I know what you mean about the rain. We *just* finally got sunshine after weeks of clouds and rain. The sun's trajectory in the sky has actually shifted since I last it. :)

    Your photos are beautiful and I love the gift from your porch spider. :)

  6. oh Melanie, it isn't all that bad! As much as winter causes me anxiety and I miss the lack of sunshine there's still some bright spots. We're Canadian after all, what's a little snow (okay, well check back with me in January and see how I'm doing..)

    Ms.S - I love the chilly but sunny days of fall and it seems like so far it's been nothing but rain. I worry it will morph straight into snow. Thanks for the compliments