Monday, December 20, 2010

December Bouqet of the Month

My bouquet this month is a little larger than it usually is.  And it only consists of one plant.  The vase isn't as pretty as some of my other vases but it's sturdy as they come and I love it.

Yes, that's my Christmas tree.  I'm a little slower at these things than a lot of other people and it was bought and decorated just this weekend.  No time to look in the garden when there's decorating to do in the house!  and it did indeed take some time to decorate.  You see how that picture doesn't even capture the whole tree.  It was too big to fit.  No kidding.  I spent most of Saturday pulling furniture out of the living room to make way. 

I can't tell you what kind of tree it is.  I'm not too particular when it comes to my Christmas trees.  As long as it's green and smells oh so lovely.  I am particularly impressed though by it's health and bushiness.  This is the second year I've purchased a tree from a local guy in the grocery store parking lot.  Not as romantic as going out to cut my own but they have lovely trees and they're grown on island which is good enough for me.  I can tell by the pruning that was done that this tree was well looked after during it's life time. 

The real story behind a tree is the decorating I think.  The bits and bobs that make up my life are all present for anyone to see.

The winged fairies my mother gave to each of her kids some 8 years or so ago.  This one is named "Gift of Lily of the Valley".

I do so like Lily of the Valley and this fairy is quite charming.

This squirrel is the first in a long line of ornaments given to me by my best girlfriend.  There's a story behind this guy but it's not really suitable for a garden blog. 

Come over and partake of some spiked egg nog and maybe I'll be inclined to share.

This delicate green glass ball is one of several dozen passed on to me from my mother.  I used to beg to decorate the tree with these when I was a child.  However, due to their dainty constitution I had to wait until I was old enough to handle them without breaking them.

Oh the injustices of childhood.

You'll notice there's no tinsel or streamers.  The cats are to blame for that.  Tinsel has this terrible habit of shedding.  Anything that finds its way onto the floor is fair game for a cat and I don't want a piece of tinsel to inadvertantly become a play toy and subsequently be ingested.  Tinsel can so easily become trapped in a cat's intestines and cause damage.  I am fortunate though that my dear boy Gino has never really been too fussed with Christmas ornaments.  In his opinion the hooked rug that hides the stand is by far the best part of the tree.

If you'd like to see some beautiful bouquets please visit Noelle at Ramblings from a Desert Garden where each month she hosts the Bouquet of the Month.


  1. Oh, what a pretty tree. It's shape is just perfect. What a clever idea for bouquet of the month...Balisha

  2. What a wonderful tree! I agree, that it's the best bouquet for December. We had to booby trap our tree with little bell ornaments hung on the lower branches so that when my dog Lucy goes looking for a tasty Christmas snack, we'l be warned. She prefers her ornaments a room temp, straight off the tree. She doesn't even pretend to be innocent - she eyes the tree lovingly while licking her lips in anticipation. I should be mad, but it's just too funny. So I laugh instead and distract her with more edible treats. :o)

  3. Nothing says Christmas like a cat under a tree. And what a great, bushy tree it is. If I had to describe it in one word, I would say "Exuberant"! :)

    BTW, I always think a house with a cat looking out the window looks like a home.

  4. My cats are having a field day with the trees. Everything is a plaything and I think they think Christmas is for them.

    Your tree looks really nice and your kitty looks innocent under it.The ornaments are pretty and also look safe.

  5. ,What a wonderful tree you have. Merry Christmas Marguerite. I've enjoyed your blog and I look forward to coming back next year.

  6. That is a lovely bouquet you have there Marguerite. Sweet ornaments and kitty. I guess kitties like to be close to nature too. Happy Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas. Wishing you all the best for the New Year too. ;.)

  7. Gino looks very happy on that hooked rug! I love the little lily of the valley fairy that your mom gave you and I am curious about the story behind the squirrel. It may be a gardening blog but you know what they say, "Gardeners know the best dirt!", so we can take it. My favorite time to enjoy the Christmas tree is in the late evening, when the lights seem to really sparkle in the low light of the living room. In case I don't get another chance, have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year!

  8. Ah, I'm not the only one to eschew tinsel and other foil-type ornaments!
    But there's lots to choose from, though my girls will tug on anything I hang from the tree.
    Lovely tree, by the way!

  9. Thanks Balisha. I was having a hard time thinking of what a bouquet might consist of and I realized I was bringing a live tree into the house and isn't that just like a bouquet?

    TS - LOL, mmm crunchy ornaments! I can't imagine why an animal would want to eat those, just baffling. I've been very lucky that our cats have never had much interest in ornaments, although I'm careful not to play with them around the tree. I don't want them to get the idea and then decide it's fun.

    Ms. S - Great choice of word! I would say we were a little over zealous picking our tree but it's such fun and if you can make it fit why not. My husband always tells the cat he's such a cliche, sitting in the windows looking so pretty. There's something about that image that is so sweet though isn't there?

    Gardenwalk - Cats seem to believe everything is about them! Every morning before I'm allowed to do anything it's a chorus of meows that want to be petted and loved, fed and fed some more. Just today I received an email from hubby stating the cat was refusing to eat the kibble I bought last night and I need to get to the store and buy the other brand he likes so much. spoiled! but at least my ornaments are safe.

    Melanie, I've enjoyed reading about your adventures too! and I've learned a thing or two. Blogging has become a real joy, meeting so many people and sharing so much information. I look forward to another year.

    Carol - Happy holidays to you too! Cats do seem to have some affinity for nature, I catch my guy smelling flowers all the time which I find slightly odd.

    Jennifer - we can handle the dirt! hilarious. now about that egg nog... (and a very merry Christmas to you!)

    peihome - it's funny, someone told me the other day that tinsel is really an old fashioned thing and nobody uses it anymore. So I guess we're very fashion forward then!

  10. I have two questions: why must cats always sleep under the Christmas tree (ours do too), and secondly, when can I come over to hear the story of your girlfriend's squirrel ornament? Just curious!

  11. You're lucky with your cat! I've found mine halfway up the tree in the past. And even though she's 16 years old and lives in one room upstairs I noticed yesterday a ton of needles on the floor plus a few of the lower ornaments so I'm kind of suspicious that she's caught a whiff of the spruce tree and came down to investigate.

  12. Oh! It's very lovely! You are not late. Mine is still in the store room. We don't use real trees here. I especially love the little grey present at the bottom of your tree. :)

  13. Lovely tree! My tree is festooned with "stories" too, I think it makes it so much more special than just buying new every year. It makes the whole decorating process take longer as so many baubles have to be lingered over, their provenance remembered, but well worth it! Wish I lived close enough to come round for egg nog and hear that story.... Merry Christmas!

  14. Merry Christmas! What a beautiful tree. Don't you just love decorating the tree each year and reliving all the memories that come with the ornaments? That's always my favorite part.

  15. Marguerite ! Your tree is gorgeous and I love reading about your ornaments .. that Lily of the Valley one is beautiful : )
    Gino is the same as our girls .. the mat under the tree is the best .. even though the ornaments are SO tempting ? LOL
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year : )

  16. Laurrie - whenever you bring the rum. I have no idea about cats, there seems to be something about being under things that they like.

    Jane - trees really are just a giant cat toy aren't they? I am so very lucky my cat just doesn't get it.

    One - I've loved seeing all the different trees on blogs these past weeks. Few people have real trees but the other possibilities are just as beautiful.

    Plantaliscious and Debbie - That's the best part! It took me hours to decorate simply because I spend so much time admiring my ornaments. and then I had to photograph them all!

    CanadianGarden - Thank you and Merry Christmas! trust a cat to find the comfiest spot in the house!

  17. Oh, what a wonderful bouquet. You are so creative! I never thought of suggesting a Christmas tree as a bouquet. I think it is just perfect....especially with all of the ornaments.

    Thank you so much for participating each month!


  18. Noelle, I must admit there was some laziness on my part. Turning the tree into a bouquet meant there was one less thing for me to do! have a merry christmas and we'll see you again in the new year.

  19. It's a beautiful Christmas tree. Isn't it great to live in a place where the trees are fresh and local and you can feel as though your helping to support your neighbors by buying one? I tend to get my tree up on the late side, too. This year, I didn't get a chance to get a tree until Dec. 21, so the pickings were a bit slim and I ended up with one of those "Charlie Brown" Christmas trees. No matter; I think they are all beautiful once they are decorated. Happy Holidays, Marguerite. -Jean