Friday, May 6, 2011

Triumphs and Tragedies

Welcome to a Friday edition of Triumphs and Tragedies!  I realize I've been a bit tardy in past weeks so here's me working on getting this post out at the beginning of the weekend instead of the end.  First up some announcements.

If you live in PEI please be advised that the Women's Institute is having it's annual Roadside Cleanup on Saturday May 14, 2011.  After a long winter the ditches are looking pretty pitiful so please do your part and get out on the road and start cleaning up.  Complimentary bags are available from your local Women's Institute members or click here for a listing of other locations where bags can be picked up.
Mark your calendars as I have it on good authority that the annual Canoe Cove Plant Sale will be taking place on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at Inman Park in Canoe Cove.  Mushroom compost, manure, seaweed plus plenty of perennials will be for sale.  I will post a reminder closer to the date of the sale with more details.
Canoe Cover Plant Sale 2010
And now for a Triumph.  In my former garden I attempted to grow Lily of the Valley.  I had, what I thought, were the right conditions and put in a mail order for some roots.  They did not survive.  Not to be deterred I transplanted some roots from my mother's garden.  They didn't live either.  So I tried again.  And again not a plant managed to come up.  I was pretty disturbed by this chain of events because whenever I read about Lily of the Valley the information was that these plants are invasive and will grow in any condition.  Yet I managed to successively kill them one after another.  At last year's spring plant sales I purchased some Lily of the Valley.  Surely this time it would grow?  I've waited and waited and the plants were not coming up.  I thought I had killed them yet again until just a day ago I saw tiny shoots popping through the ground.  I've finally succeeded in growing Lily of the Valley!

Hang on to that feeling of elation folks because you know what follows next.  Today's Tragedy.  Jody ran my tiny sprouts over with the lawn tractor.


  1. I'm so sorry, I laughed when I read that last sentence. I've had that done to me before. And, I don't think lily of the valley is as invasive as its reputation because I've tried to grow it before, and it didn't take. But now that they're coming up for you, I bet you won't be able to get rid of them - run over or not!

  2. I love Lily of the Valley, especially the fragrance! Glad you are able to finally have some growing in your garden...hopefully they will survive their minor setback.

  3. Holley- I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has had trouble with this plant. I kept thinking I must have a black thumb when it came to lily of the valley.

    Janet - I'm sure hoping they try to grow back again but at least now I know I can grow them.

  4. I am always perplexed at this stuff. I usually blame squirrels in some fashion.

    I'm thinking if this guy made it that far, he's bound to brush off that lawnmower incident, no sweat!

  5. Oh nooooooooooooooooooo!! I can see the tiny blossoms on mine hiding within the still-curled-up leaves, so wee and still green with so much promise. I am going to bring them with me, hope they survive!
    Thank goodness you have a sense of the ironic! (I was going to say sense of humour but that might be pushing it right now :I

  6. Awww, I was so excited to read you had some tiny ones finally coming up. Then, that last sentence!

  7. Ya'know...I really want to say I am so happy the Lily of the Valley survived..and Okay...I am going to say...YAH!!BIG SMILE. Just carefull.....if it's in the right place..great...just not near your veg garden; oh how it would love that great soil! The scent is marvelous and it is beautiful, truly.

    So so sorry to read about the tragedy ;'(

  8. Jess - I sure hope it makes a come back, we'll keep our fingers crossed and put up markers next time so wild driving husbands don't wreak any havoc.

    Jane - I've lost so many plants over the years I just shrug my shoulders (well except for that darn red oak, I'm still smarting from that one) although I had to laugh that lily of the valley was the one to get run down.

    Laurrie - as my mother would say 'the lord giveth and the lord taketh away'. Often in one fell swoop it appears.

    Bren - I had it planted under the apple trees which I thought would look lovely, kind of out of the way, it can run a bit rampant out there and I wouldn't mind. But I hadn't thought it would get trampled almost as soon as it poked out of the ground. Perhaps just a little more out of the way would be better.

  9. Noooo! I imagine "words" were exchanged over that little incident. Hopefully they are sufficiently happy to defy the mower and come up anyway. If not, at least you now know you can grow it.

  10. Janet - actually I didn't get upset with hubby at all. It was entirely my own fault for not telling him where the plants were located. They weren't marked and there was no way to know they were there. So this time I'm taking the blame. and I'll know better in future to mark out plants that aren't in obvious spots.

  11. Oh no! After all of your persistence, the little sprouts got mowed down. Well, hopefully they will recover. If not, maybe they'll be back next year, better than ever!

  12. On My Soapbox - they might recover this year yet but we'll see. My own fault for not marking them but I seem to subliminally want to kill these plants.

  13. Great and funny post.
    Don't despair because the tiny sprouts where run over, they are very hardy and will continue to sprout and grow. Maybe a little mis
    shapened but hopefully you will get some flowers.

  14. Glad to hear.
    I had a hard time imagining not a lily of the valley popping up. But then it would have been the soil conditions. I would guess that the root had been disturbed. Glad to hear they are up this year. If you want more let me know we are invaded with them, lol