Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Bouquet

Last summer I participated each month in Noelle's Monthly Garden Bouquet at Ramblings from a Desert Garden but fell off the wagon in late winter when we were four feet deep in snow.  Now it's time to bring back the bouquets!  As I was walking through the garden this past weekend I noticed some Lupine blooms had been knocked down in the wind so I ran to get a vase and my first bouquet of the season was born.

Lupines, obviously, were part of the bouquet but I also added a branch of Spirea 'Goldflame' which is in it's bright golden stage right now.

And for a little added purple I threw in some chive blossoms.

Hello summer!


  1. I would never think to mix purple and that light gold color, but it works so well. Very summery, and very rich. I like that you used spirea foliage for color!

  2. Love the orange/gold and purple combo!! Very pretty.

  3. Sweet combo. Your Spirea is gorgeous right now!

  4. Dear Marguerite,

    These are delicious combinations! Love them.

    A pocketful of joy to you,


  5. Marguerite what a pretty summer bouquet!! .. Adding the spirea is such a nice touch .. I should have made one while I had Walker's Low and Southernbush Honeysuckle at its peak .. it would have been in the same hues as your's.
    It is hard to believe it will be Canada day tomorrow .. into July already and we didn't really have a Spring ? jeez !!
    Joy : )

  6. Laurrie and Janet - I can't take full credit for that. The lupine and the spirea were planted by the former owner in the same general location. I was looking at that area from a distance the other day and those colours really stood out. I knew then they needed to be put together.

    Ms.S - it's funny, last year I noticed this shrub and wasn't really that interested in it. Sometimes bright foliage actually turns me off. But this year I'm really growing to like that shrub.

    Thank you Sharon! Thinking of you in your studio surrounded by birds. Hope you are having a lovely summer.

    Joy - I hear you!!! where in the world did June go? That was the fastest month I've ever seen fly by. You have Walker's Low? I'm a wee bit jealous. I keep seeing that plant on other blogs and it looks divine. One day.....

  7. Beautiful! I love the yellow and purple together. Such a pretty, happy bouquet!!

  8. Thanks TS! Flowers in all colours always make me smile. It's so nice to be able to have bouquets again.

  9. What a lovely combination. We've been filling the house with sweet pea scent for weeks now, but you have reminded me that I need to get more creative too!