Saturday, July 30, 2011

July Bouquet

In the confusion of the past weeks I almost forgot that I plucked a bouquet from the garden this month.  It started with the last of the peonies expiring but I didn't want to waste their beautiful leaves so I picked a few more blooms from the garden to create this.

I was amazed at what a large bouquet I was able to come up with.  Last year it was tough trying to find any flowers for bouquets but this year I can see more and more that plants are beginning to take hold.  A proper flower garden is beginning to take shape!

One last peony bloom, white astilbe and lady's mantle

Bell Flowers, Veronica and Astilbe

Pink malva set against Lady's Mantle

To see more beautiful bouquets or create your own visit Noelle at Ramblings from a Desert Garden.


  1. Marguerite, Isn't it wonderful to be able to pick such a pretty arrangement of flowers from your own garden!

  2. I love the Astilbe in there - it is the perfect contrast to highlight the rest of the flowers.


  3. Pretty! I keep forgetting to pick flowers for the house, though once the Dahlias are in full bloom it will become a necessity.

  4. Hi Marguerite: Gorgeous arrangement, all flowers I have here too and I'm sure I have that same vase!..I must get in the habit of picking more of my your post on the apple trees and what great info for when I'm living on the are a fountain of information..hope you are feeling much better..finally had my yard sale yesterday, didn't make a bundle but got rid of boxes and boxes of stuff after to Salvation army..met some very nice people during the sale too..we were given a large bag of fresh blueberries yesterday so off to make muffins..happy gardening..Lannie

  5. Isn't nice when you can keep your vases full with stuff from the garden. I hope you are feeling better.

  6. Very pretty!! When I was deadheading and cutting back some of my plants, I brought the flowers that were still in good shape inside to enjoy. It was so nice to have a bit of the garden on the inside for a change! BTW- you were right about the beets! They were very tender. :o)

  7. One of the joys of gardening - bringing lovely flowers into the home! I love your July Bouquet!

  8. To me, the astilbe makes the bouquet with its fluffy plumes. Very beautiful!

  9. Jennifer - It really is a joy! I've been looking forward to lots of blooms and they're finally coming.

    Ms.S and Sage Butterfly - The Astilbe was a great surprise. I bought a pot of Meadowsweet last year and this plant was hiding in there too. I was thrilled to find this season that it's white.

    Janet - Another dahlia grower! I can't wait to see your blooms. I love dahlias, so many shapes and colours to enjoy.

    Lannie - I'll bet your vase is just the same. I had almost the exact same one in BC but when we moved I sold it in a garage sale. I was delighted to find this one at an antique shop here. It's large and quite heavy so it holds a really good sized bouquet.

    Melanie - thank you, I am feeling better these days. Am mostly over the shock of it (although I continue to avoid the intersection where it happened, just too much to handle) and my back is feeling much much better. I'll continue to stay out of the garden for a bit until I'm certain I'm healed but things are looking up!

    TS - glad to hear the beets were enjoyed. I'm looking forward to beets in the coming weeks, one of my favourite veggies from the garden.

    Thanks Christine. Having flowers in my house is one of the wonderful side benefits of a flower garden.

  10. It's always extra special when you can pick any flowers from your garden.

    Yours are gorgeous.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams