Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!


  1. Marguerite,
    Happy Belated Halloween your pumpkins look very scary.
    We got so tied up in the moment I didn't post but will later in the week.
    I only had 8 trick or treaters which is good for being out in the country, but very sad for all the work we put into the night. Oh well I guess it is really for us anyway.
    Hope you didn't have any fires out your way.

  2. Very well done! Hope you had a nice Halloween.

  3. Witch - I was surprised to hear about so many fires, what in the world are people thinking? luckily none here but we also didn't get ANY trick or treaters. I was rather disappointed as last year we had about 10 and no one was here to enjoy the pumpkins but me.

    Sage Butterfly - I love carving pumpkins, eating candy and watching silly tv so it halloween was a very nice night for me thanks!

  4. Hope you had a great holiday of Halloween. Your pumpkins look like they had a good time.

  5. Love your jack-o-lanterns! Hope you had a great Halloween. :)

  6. Marguerite girl those pumpkins are precious ! Yes .. we are slaves to the weather and this has been one heck of a weird year for weather and gardening .. I still have much to do and I better get going or it will never get done !
    Love those dahlia !! They are absolutely stunning .. I don't have luck with them myself but love seeing them from other gardeners : )
    On with winter .. groan !!

  7. A little late but Happy Halloween, it has been busy getting around to all the lovely blogs at this time of year. I started to put my garden to bed for the Winter...big job I could blog about that job for the next two months, lol. Have a good week.

  8. Wonderful pumpkins. Hope is a spooky time was had by all.

  9. What fabulous pumpkins! Hope you scared the local children suitably ;-)

  10. Donna - a good time all by themselves unfortunately! not a trick or treater to scare this year.

    Ms.S - I just love carving pumpkins so it was a great night for me.

    Joy - funny how so many people have trouble with dahlias. Me, I can't seem to grow onions to save my life.

    Cindy - I'm starting to get a little more blog time in now too as the weather starts to cool. Still busy with putting away food for winter but it's nice to spend a little time inside.

  11. Thanks tufa, I think the only one to get spooked was the cats but I had fun.

    Janet, sadly no children this year. Seems very few kids were out this year, perhaps the cold temperatures and the fact that it was a school night?

    Thank you Kentish.