Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monthly Garden Bouquet - October Edition

First off, I have a confession.  I gathered this bouquet and took these photos over a week ago.  I got my days weeks mixed up and thought the Monthly Garden Bouquet was last week.  But I'm glad I did because if you saw my last post you know that my dahlias got hit hard by frost in the last week and I would have had nothing to pick if I had waited.

Dahlias for me are one of the last flowers to bloom in the summer and their demise marks the end of the gardening season.  I'm feeling a bit sorrowful over that.

I must also confess that I took a hint from Jennifer @ Three Dogs in a Garden for this month's bouquet.  Jennifer made a lovely combination of dahlias and sedum not too long ago that I was, maybe not so secretly, coveting.  When I went looking for a bouquet I was determined to use the gorgeous dahlia bloom's that have been coming my way in the past month.  But when I wondered what to pair with them I instantly thought of Jennifer's combination.

I combined the dark colours of ripening sedum blooms and branches of Diablo Ninebark with bright white and yellow dahlias.  The result was terrific.  Very sharply contrasting and eye catching.

If you'd like to participate and create your own bouquet visit Noelle at Ramblings from a Desert Garden who hosts the Monthly Garden Bouquet.  Starting on the 21st and running through to month's end you too can showcase the latest blooms from your garden.  


  1. Hello Marguerite,

    I love Dahlias and am considering growing some myself. I have grown the sedum before and I love your combination. I actually made my bouquet up 2 weeks ago because I knew I would be out of town on the 21st, so I made mine even earlier then you did ;-)

    Thank you so much for participating each month!

  2. Your bouquet is beautiful! It's a good thing you cut it early, considering the frost hit. Doesn't matter anyway, I don't think, since it is a monthly meme, and just needed to represent October.

  3. Your dalhias and sedum are a beautiful combination.

  4. And mine is spread thru the house, picked a few days ago, but you won't see it till Monday's post ;>)

  5. Very nice combination! Dahlias are such a happy flower. :)

  6. How very lovely! A perfect combination for October.

  7. Noelle, I look forward to participating each month. It's a challenge I enjoy, finding flowers enough to fill a vase and attempting to make them look good.

    Floridagirl - you're right, no need to wait until the day of the meme, although I'm often running behind and tend to write my posts on the fly. Maybe this will lead to better organization in the future?

    Sandbox and Pam - Thank you, but I have to give Jennifer all the credit for the flower combination. I'm not sure I would have thought of it otherwise.

    Diana - I'm looking forward to it!

    Ms.S - I completely agree! Such big happy friendly faces on a dahlia. I can't resist.

  8. I love Dahlias. My Grandma had a wide border of just pink Dahlias.They were so pretty and worth waiting for.I've never grown them, however. Your combination is so pretty. I love the dark Sedum mixed with the white Dahlias.Thanks for leaving a comment on my bouquet post...Balisha

  9. Marguerite, That's a lovely bouquet. Good to know you intend to participate in Noelle's Monthly Garden Bouquet. I'll come back for more. I think I should also join in the fun. Have only attempted once.

  10. Balisha - Thanks for coming to visit. A border of dahlias sounds delightful, all those big blooms. And I quite like the foliage on dahlias as well.

    One - You should definitely participate! Not only do we all get to share our lovely flowers but it's a great excuse to cut a bouquet for your home.