Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Celebration

It's Halloween and everybody has gotten dressed up

As any kid will tell you, the best way to pick your Halloween pumpkin is directly out of the pumpkin patch.

In honor of Halloween we will carve our pumpkins with scary faces

and place them out on the front step so that giggling children dressed in costumes will know where to find us

There will be black cats

and candy

And when the festivities are through we will give each other a hug and congratulate ourselves.  For not only is this Halloween but it is also the one year anniversary of when we moved to this house and began this time in our lives here at Canoe Corner.


  1. Happy anniversary!! I hope the next year brings only treats, no tricks!

  2. It is also our 1 year anniversary of moving into our house! Happy Anniversary to you :)

  3. Happy 1st Anniversary! Love your jack-o-lanterns!

  4. Happy Birthday to your one year old garden!

  5. Happy 1st Anniversary. You will never forget the date that's for sure.
    Pumpkins look cute on the step just waiting for the trick or treaters.
    Your black cat is also beautiful.

  6. Happy anniversary. And glad to meet you. ;~)

  7. Congratulations on one year at Canoe Corner! I can't believe you accomplished all that you have in your gardens in just one year - wow I am impressed!

  8. Oh my, Marguerite, congratulations!! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween. :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful way to celebrate it! Halloween is such a fun time of year! I'm glad you had a good one!

  10. TS - If the coming year could go half as well as the first year I would be happy. We took a walk around the house yesterday discussing all we've accomplished this past year. It was a really good feeling. Our home might still need a lot of work but personally I feel like we've come a long way.

    Seablush - And congratulations to you and your gary oak yard! Did you get trick or treaters on your move in day too? Last year I was so exhausted after moving furniture and then I had to hand out candy and meet the neighbours. It was kind of surreal. By the way, thank you for the fave on Blotanical.

    FloridaGirl - Thank you! Luckily Jody came to my rescue with his very posh camera and was able to get some nice shots of the pumpkins before they were dismantled.

    Diana - Thank you! It's funny but I hadn't really considered the garden as a year old as it was late fall when we moved in. But you're right, even though I didn't do any work in it initially I was certainly thinking about what I would be doing come spring!

    The Witch - Would you believe I had to remind my partner of the date? How could you forget Halloween? Well, I guess I'll let him off the hook this time as I regularly forget birthdays and anniversaries. The black cat is Priscilla, one of the resident feral cats who came with the purchase of the house.

    Liz - Thanks and it's good to meet you too in that virtual kind of way!

    Jane - I must make it look a lot better in pictures than it is in reality because I regularly bemoan the fact that I've accomplished so little! Perhaps the key is cropping photos? ;-))

    Ms.S - Thank you, it was a wonderful day. Beautiful weather and I spent the day outside gardening, followed by pumpkin carving and discussions about kitchen renovations!

    Thanks Laura! Halloween is a ton of fun. Jody laughs at me cause I insist on carving pumpkins and watching silly movies with heaps of 'bad for me' candy. What can I say, BeatleJuice makes me laugh every time.