Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat

Yesterday somebody mentioned that s-- word.  You know the one.  The claim was that it snowed on Saturday.  October 30.  Not likely.  I was outside that day and it was darn cold but the only white flakes floating in the sky were pieces of ash coming from my chimney.  Nice try says I.  I'm not falling for any Halloween tricks.

This morning I opened the door to feed the outside kitties and saw this.  That's some incredibly thick frost....  Floating through the sky....  OH MY -------!

I don't know about you guys but I am so not ready for this.


  1. We had a bit on and off on Hallowe'en day. I tried to convince myself it was dandelion fluff but, well, there's none of that around anymore. Thankfully, it didn't stick. Awfully cold, though.

  2. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!
    Yesterday morning and this morning there was frost on my car - so this is the beginning of the end....
    Though I took a few of my students for a walk today around noon and although COLD the sun was shining brilliantly and you just couldn't be sad.
    Well, we'll just have to start looking ahead to spring:)

  3. Oh Gosh No, it is like you live at the North Pole. I am going to Oregon next week which is about as close as I will come to being your way. I can tell, you should be visited in the summer.

  4. We've had several mornings like the one in your photo, no snow yet though. I'm getting used to the idea of snow now that it is November.

  5. Liz, same here, it didn't stick and the temperature is going up on Friday so thankfully we'll just have more rain. That I can handle.

    Jane - It's been quite cool here lately but the sun has been out. Sunday was brilliant, I worked in the orchard all day. But each day we're creeping closer to real winter.

    Cheri - when I moved here someone told me that winter is the price we pay for otherwise living in paradise. The beaches really are much nicer in July.

    Melanie - As a kid I loved snow but then I didn't have to shovel it or drive in it. Now it just stresses me out. Not sure I'll ever be used to it.

  6. We have had frost yesterday and today but no snow yet thank goodness! All the leaves have fallen from the trees and I have my work cut out for me raking them all up. I love the design of your compost bins by the way. Happy one year anniversary at Canoe Cove.

  7. Jennifer, thank you. Luckily the snow was a very light and short affair. This weekend is now bringing us RAIN, buckets of it. and unbelievably the temperature is sky rocketing to 18 degrees!

  8. hi, marguerite .. well, as you can likely imagine, the wet coast is getting wet .. and cool .. there's a part of me that sighs .. and another that is looking forward to more indoor time .. for writing .. baking .. dreaming of what's to come in the garden next year ..

  9. Jane I had heard you were getting your share of the November storms. Well do I remember the rain and the fog at this time of year. and yet I also remember all the cedar boughs and fir shaken loose from the trees. I used to make winter wreaths from them. Lately here I've taken up my books again, it seems so long since I've sat and read. It's a luxury.