Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Longest Winter Ever

I wouldn't be surprised if you thought I had simply given up and run away.  I have been seriously thinking about that.  Packing up my bags and heading somewhere tropical where there is no work, no school and no snow.

Scenes like this are no longer slightly amusing, they are simply disheartening.  I feel like we're been on a winter roller coaster for months now with no end in sight.  Temperatures drop to bone chilling minus double digits for a week, then rise and a snow storm blows in, then drop again and repeat.  Fires must be stocked, paths must be shoveled, even the garbage cans must be routinely dug out of the snow.  This is officially the worst winter we have had since moving to PEI. 

Today is a good day though.  The temperature has risen from -12 degree celsius overnight to a balmy +4 degrees. 

there's a compost bin at the end of this path
On days like this I feel like there is some hope.  Spring is around the corner so they tell me.  The sun certainly feels warmer this past week.  Almost warm enough to melt the ice off the trees.

I will concede that the island has never looked prettier when it lit up like a jewel in the morning sun after an ice storm.

Ice covered trees are beautiful
It helped to ease my frustration when I realized that my gas cap was frozen solid under a sheet of ice and I was out of gas.

Ice covered cars are NOT beautiful.
To help with the cabin fever I am focusing on spring.  Seeds arrived in the post this week.  Lovely packets full of dreams of green things.  I am taking the spring semester off from school this year. A break from the stress and time to work in my garden.  I am longing for the day when I finally see grass and can get out my shovel.

In the meantime Rick Mercer helps bring a little levity to the situation and helps keep me sane.  Enjoy.