About the Corner

We spent three months searching, we had all but given up, but when we saw it we knew.  I know, you're not supposed to buy a house because you fall in love with it but really, if you don't love it why would you want to live there?  Our home is located in Canoe Cove, Prince Edward Island, on approximately 3 acres of land.  Although I don't know the exact date it was built research tells me it was likely sometime between 1880 and 1890.  After we moved in neighbours who have spent their lives living in this community began to tell us bits and pieces of the history.  A pig barn used to stand where my vegetable garden now lays, a grand piano stood in the area that is now the basement staircase and a car is buried somewhere in the middle of our yard.  It's amazing to live in a home with so much history and so many stories.  We learned a great deal about our home and community reading the book, A History of Canoe Cove, by Florence MacCannell.  Mrs. MacCannell lived in the Cove her entire life and compiled this wonderful book..  She talks of how Canoe Cove was named, who resided here, and the various occupations those people undertook.  As I read through the book I encountered the phrase 'on the Corner' numerous times.  I gradually realized the corner being referred to was our home which resides on a corner lot opposite the school house.  At one time the Corner was the hub of much activity and was home to a General Store and the Post Office.  Across the street was the school house and a rink was located a short distance away.  And so Canoe Corner came to be.