Friday, February 27, 2015

Winter's Chill

It was a slow start to winter this year.  We had reasonably warm temperatures and little to no snow for all of December and January.  February changed all that.

A lovely day to go to the beach
A thick blanket of snow fell down and covered the ground.  Enough to get out and snowshoe but still quite reasonable.

The thing was, once it started, it didn't want to stop.

It seems every couple of days now a new storm blows in.  A couple weeks ago saw us receive 80 cm of snow with winds around 130km per hour.  Many roads looked like this afterwards.

We were quite lucky.  The wind swirled around our house and created a vacuum.  There wasn't a drop of snow on our porch.  The shed however will be buried until spring.

Where's the shed?  oh yes, that roof poking out of the snow
Several days later we received another 10cm with blowing winds and drifting.

and then what do you think it did?  oh yes, it snowed again

The flower bed in the foreground and apple orchard in the back
seems winter is far from done with us yet.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good Kittens Don't

Good kittens don't knock over houseplants (repeatedly)

At least he's showing an affinity for plants?
Good kittens don't climb curtains

Perhaps the view is better from up there?
Good kittens don't sit on the houseplants and snack on the ferms

Good kittens don't chew through plastic food containers (this one had cat food inside it.  how did they know?!)

Good kittens also don't jump on hot stoves, practice tight rope walking on the stair banisters or chew your shoelaces.

Archie and Teddy aren't exactly good kittens.  They are highly intelligent, curious and loving kittens which makes them a challenge but an enjoyable one.

This means they will attempt gymnastics on the antique clothes drying rack.

Teddy showing off his climbing skills
They will refuse to get out of the tub when they have discovered the joys of dripping water.

And they will play fetch with their mouse for as long as you can throw it.

I wouldn't trade either one for a good kitten.  That would just be boring.