Our Journey

This story starts in British Columbia Canada. I was born and lived there until the summer of 2009. For years I lived in the city of Vancouver but my roots were in small rural communities. When I met my husband Jody we left the city and moved to a small island community. We loved the quiet life there. I had a garden of my very own and Jody began doing woodwork in his spare time. It was a revelation. We were beginning to discover things that really made us happy and our life focus became less career oriented and more life affirming. The downside was that we did not own our island home. We dreamed of owning a house where we could have a large garden and workshop but felt this was financially out of reach. So we put our heads together and looked afar. All the way across the country to the smallest province in Canada. The province of Prince Edward Island. That mystical place had affordable real estate, pastoral views and the fabled friendliness of the Canadian Maritimes. But neither of us had ever been there. So we booked a flight, telling ourselves that if nothing else we would have a nice vacation. Two days into our 'vacation' and we were already planning our move. One year later we had sold most of our possessions, packed up our truck and trailer and headed east.

Life is a lot slower here, a lot quieter and a lot kinder. When I think of our new home community is a word that comes to mind. We quickly attained our dream of a home, garden and workshop but that is only the beginning. We are busy making repairs and renovations to the house, I am beginning work to make our 3 acres of lawn a lush garden and Jody is busy making furniture. In short, we're working on making this new place a home.