Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bon hiver! *

Ready or not, here it comes.

* Bon hiver is a traditional french greeting.  Directly translated, it means, Good Winter.  It is often used for the day the first snowfall sticks to the ground.


  1. Hi Marguerite! I had an email from my sister today (she's staying with her brother-in-law over by Montague) and she mentioned there was snow yesterday. I guess we're next :( Gotta get those snow tires!

  2. So pretty! Love the pawprints in the snow! I have googled your title "Bon Hiver" and discovered it is used as a greeting at the time of the first snowfall. (Sorry for my ignorance.) What a fun expression!

  3. Hi there!
    Just saw your comment on Laura-Jane's blog. We, too, moved from BC (Nanaimo, to be exact) to PEI. Almost three years ago.
    For us, too, the land drew us here. But unlike you, I am mostly a weed gardener, lol.
    What small island community were you from? We used to own property on Mudge Island, just off of Nanaimo.

  4. Jane - I heard it started snowing in some places on Friday but it didn't start here until Saturday afternoon. Thank goodness we got the snowshoes put on Friday morning!

    Floridagirl - I'm sorry, I should have explained! I didn't think about it until later that most readers (outside of French Canada) wouldn't understand the title. Thank goodness for Google!

    PEIhome - Hello! We've been in PEI for over a year now. We moved from Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast but we only lived there a short time. Prior to that we lived on Bowen Island, and Vancouver city. Before meeting my partner I lived in Nanaimo for a short period while attending Malaspina and spent my teenage years on Gabriola, where of course I met a number of people from Mudge. What a small world!

  5. we wont have much snow here until next year. I hope winter treats you nicely!
    very funny picture of the little mouse.

  6. Paw prints in the snow. That is how I adopted both my cats, one that looks like yours.

  7. Bon Hiver toi meme! Have not hear that expression in 30 years! Yikes. Happy shoveling

  8. The first snow is always magical. Now I know a term for it. I will use it this year and sound all knowledge-y.

    My cats would roll over and die if their little feet had to touch snow.

  9. fer - thank you! there are a couple cat toys on the porch and I discovered this little purple mouse left out in the snow. poor thing.

    gardenwalk - another cat lover! always pleased to meet someone with the same affliction.

    Sandra - Hopefully the expression brought fond memories of Montreal. At least you don't have to shovel snow anymore!

    Cheri - Our housecat is a perfect horror these days as he cries and cries to go outside but the minute you open the door he realizes there's snow and runs for the hills. I can't believe what our feral cats go through in winter here.