Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Got Gnomed

When we lived on Bowen Island we were very fortunate to have wonderful landlords that we came to regard as friends.  The house we were living in was designed and built by them as their retirement home but until their retirement they lived and worked in the city and rented the house out.  They chose to build on Bowen because they liked the community and even though they weren't living there yet, they liked to spend time there.  We found this turned out to be a mutually beneficial relationship.  Often in summers we would take a week or two and go on vacation.  During that time we needed someone to look after our cats and our landlords would often do this for us thereby getting to spend some time in the community and their future home.

As we got to know each other over the years we discovered this couple had a love of practical jokes.  They often played jokes and had jokes played on them by friends.  While on summer vacation a decorated plastic Christmas tree was erected in their yard, on another occasion a gnome was left in a corner of the house.  We too found ourselves on the receiving end of their silly sensibilities.  Coming home from vacation one summer we found ourselves short sheeted.  

When we finally moved out of this house we found ourselves having to get rid of a lot of items in preparation for the 'big move' across country.  Among those items were a set of gnomish characters I had received as a gift.  I rather liked these little 'flower people' but hard decisions had to be made and they were put aside to be disposed of.

This little flowery gnome girl was part of a set of 6
Then I had a thought...

Before we left the house for good, there was one last chance.  In amongst the flowers, hidden behind trees, hiding in the shed, we left them.

To be discovered

when least expected

one by one


  1. Such a gnomy good idea.

  2. Oh, how adorable! You must be going to see the new movie, Gnomeo and Juliet? (Maybe you will see some familiar faces lol!)

  3. Haha! If I had found them, I would have been like, WTF??? :D

  4. Gardenwalk - LOL. I figured you might like this. Got anyone in mind who could use a good gnoming?

    Ms.S - I've certainly had my eye on that movie, I even heard a good review of it yesterday, so yup, I might have to take myself out.

    Kyna - exactly, just obscure enough, they would have known though

  5. Too cute! I used to hate gnomes, but in my increasing old-age, I'm starting to like them!

  6. Too funny, but I bet they had fun finding them throughout the property. Great idea.

  7. Very cute idea, they would be fun to find.

  8. What fun! How fortunate you were to have developed such a positive relationship with your landlords. It must have been a relief for them to know you loved their home and garden are much as they did.

  9. Kim - I've always had a soft spot for gnomes and faeries. But then I don't take them terribly seriously either.

    The Witch - because there were so many I'm betting it took a good long while to find them all. Just when you think you've found them all... there's another one!

    Bonnie - depending on your take on gnomes I guess ;-) My husband hated them, he was glad to leave them behind for someone else to find.

    Debbie - it was truly one of the best house renting experiences I've ever had. Because the owners intended to move into the house eventually they took great care in fixing things and maintaining the house but they always acknowledged that while we lived there it was 'our' house. and because we felt like it was our home we took great care of it too. It was win win for everybody.

  10. Oh, gno...gnot gnomes! I can tell a story about a gnome in Labrador that displeased me when I was away a couple of years ago...and almost ended up on top of Gros Morne...I'm gnot a fan of gnomes.

  11. jodi - ended up on top of Gros or the gnome? I wouldn't put it past a gnome to trick someone into getting stranded on a mountaintop.

  12. Loved this --- hidden gnomes, waiting to be found!