Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spring has Sprung

Well at least I think Spring has come.  Where there was one bunny

Now there are two more, one of which is a baby.

The guy at the shop did warn us they multiplied.  I guess cold weather doesn't deter them.

It hasn't been a warm spring, that's for sure.  Just last week we had a frost warning.  Frost, in mid-June!!!  I have struggled getting the vegetable garden in because I was afraid to plant out the warm weather plants like basil, peppers and pumpkins.

It was a good year for tulips though.  They like it cold.

Last summer I moved all of my spring flowering bulbs and plants to one side of my flower bed and grouped them together.  I was looking for impact and the results were beautiful.

Just as I had hoped, cushion spurge mixed well with pink and white tulips, the hostas opened up and complemented the daffodils.

The anemone has finally spread into a considerable mound and provided a fantastic backdrop to pink and purple tulips.

Of course, there's always a few hiccups along the way.  The late frosts killed off the majority of our apple blossoms.  and the daffodils appear to be dwindling.  Usually daffodils multiply and expand but this variety seems to be dying off.  So I will need to try a different variety next year.  Something a little more robust.  Any suggestions for a favourite daffodil and where to buy them?


  1. I hear your angst about the long cold spring but goodness that spring border is gorgeous. I hope you get some warmer weather now. We sure are. 90's in June. UGH... I wonder what July and August will bring.??

  2. P.S. The darned rabbits are reproducing here too. Not a good thing. Even Annie can't keep them out of the garden.

  3. That is a trial isn't it? A cold long spring isn't going to give you what you need now. And here we are with temperatures so hot it feels like mid August...record breaking. Going to be 38 this this global warming, or just a bad year?

    Either way, both of our gardens are under stress that's for sure.


  4. I can remember when you started that flower bed - it's a slice of beauty now.

  5. My son would love to plant tulips. We have a problem of something digging them up each Autumn we plant them.

    Your tulips are beautiful and I love the photos too.

  6. What a beautiful spring garden! I keep saying I wish spring would last longer here, but I certainly wouldn't wish for a frost in mid-June. It's been warm here since early May--downright hot and humid many days. Our problem has been all the rain; my garden is turning into a bog garden instead:) I like your bunnies much better than the ones multiplying in my garden and chewing everything they find. I'm not sure what advice to give you on daffodils; I order most of mine online, and they are multiplying rapidly. 'Mount Hood' is a great variety.

  7. I had no idea it was still spring anywhere! Your tulips are beautiful. I don't have any advice on daffs since I'm so much warmer than you are.

  8. I love the idea of clumping your bulbs together. I really should have 'at least' one dedicated area. ;-)

  9. Seems we are having crazy weather everywhere, Marguerite. It just wont stop raining here. Your spring flowers are amazing! Tulips and daffodils in drifts have greater impact. Adorable bunnies! P. x

  10. Marguerite girl you did a fantastic job grouping the bulbs together and wow on the anemones ! Daffs .. I just by the plain yellow ones that have large trumpets .. the name escapes me now but I think they are an old hardy standard .. mail order companies begin to get nervous come August and have bulb sales on ..keep an eye on Vesey's and Botanus or any of the Canadian mail order companies by then and you should get a good bargain!
    Gorgeous photos !
    Take care!
    Joy : )