Saturday, April 10, 2010

On the Inside

While I am waiting for spring to officially come to our little island I spend much of my time indoors.  While I love gardening outdoors I must admit I am not so keen on taking care of houseplants. There's no rational reason for this behaviour.  I like my indoor plants well enough but more often than not I simply forget about them.

This poor plant, possibly a Tradescantia pallida, was inherited with the house and amidst all of the moving in was simply forgotten about for months on end.  It's a miracle she's survived thus far.  I glimpsed her today, dehydrated and leaves strewn across the floor and had a pang of guilt, and so I went about giving the little lady a haircut and promised it would never happen again.  Here she is back in her window seat. with her friends  She looks much happier now doesn't she?