Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pleasant Surprises

The weather has been beyond perfect this Easter holiday weekend.  There's no wind, the sun is shining and it reached a high of 14 degrees celcius today.   We have been getting out and about as much as we can enjoying the early spring weather.  While visiting our neighbour yesterday I was admiring their spring bulbs coming up amongst the grass and bemoaning the fact that no such bulbs exist in our own yard.  Today I decided to familiarize myself a bit more with our yard and what did I discover hiding under a young poplar tree but something that looks suspiciously like daffodils peeping up.

Silly me!

That wasn't the only surprise in store for me today.  A dilapidated hedgerow runs behind our house.  At one time separating the house from the field beyond the shrubs that once formed the hedge are largely dead and broken.  Walking through today I discovered these lovely large stones buried under a carpet of weeds.  What a find!  The red colour of the stones is local to this island where the air oxidizes the high quantities of iron in the soil and turns it red.  I don't know where they came from but it's possible an old building used to stand in this spot.  Our home was a working farm for many years with numerous barns and outbuildings that are no longer here.  Wherever they came from I think I can find a good use for them now.  When it comes time to build some new flower beds these will come in very handy.