Monday, May 31, 2010

The Big Reveal

Behind the scenes over these last few weeks I've been working on the vegetable garden. You might recall that my proposed space looked like this. Not much there but grass and a bit of junk piled in the hedgerow.

Now it looks like this:

Originally the plan was to build just a couple of garden boxes and try them out for the year to see how I liked them.  But that quickly multiplied to four boxes and then...just one more.. and then ... well it's hard to make out but I've dug a perennial bed on the left hand side of the space for rhubarb and asparagus.
I'm not very good at following direction, even my own.  Months ago I did a drawing of how the vegetable garden was to be layed out.  This looks nothing like it.

I am happy with how this is turning out though.  I wanted a vegetable garden and there it is.  Sure there will be additions and changes but I actually have a dedicated space now that is recognizable for what it is.


  1. They never quite look like the drawings do they. I tend to get carried away myself. Where's the fun in sticking to the plan? :)

  2. Sometimes I feel like I go out of my way to NOT follow the plan. Which is ridiculous since I made the plan in the first place. I'm sure there's some deep rooted psychological issue at the bottom of this.