Monday, October 4, 2010


Crows like cherry tomatoes

And apples

They taunt the cats and steal my mulch

They're rowdy and talk a lot, hanging out in large groups like bands of teenagers

Despite their flaws I like them.  They have many good traits as well.  Crows are very intelligent.  They try to steal food out of the compost bin when they think I'm not looking, which is highly amusing.   They're intensely curious and can't resist shiny objects.  They live in family groups and juvenile crows stay with their parents for many years, acting as babysitters to the parents.

But more importantly they patrol my lawn and eat the grubs and other bugs.


  1. I will try to look more kindly on crows from now on, now that I know the good that they do. I find their crowing to be rather unpleasant to the ears - I always feel as though they are laughing at me!

  2. Hi Marguerite, I enjoy reading your crow post. So far they have not ate my cherry tomatoes. But yes, they are rowdy, noisy and messy too. I thought you may like to read my Crow Post which I posted EXACTLY one year ago.

  3. Jane - They probably are laughing at you. They're annoying like that. ;-) Sometimes I find them aggravating (noise is a problem) but I also admire any animal that has managed to thrive around humans and not get knocked into extinction.

    One - What a wonderful post you wrote!! I'm glad to meet a fellow crow enthusiast.

  4. Very convincing. :)

    Now, could we just find them a prettier voice?

  5. There is a larger crow population in the Maritimes than there is in Ontario. I have no idea why that is. When I do see them, I think of home.

  6. Great post it almost makes me wish we had more crows hanging around our place.

  7. Ms.S - I know! They are loud, and it only takes a couple of them to cause an awful ruckus. Nobody's perfect I guess!

    Jennifer - I've found the crow population here to be the same as BC, although Maritime crows are much larger than their western counterparts.

    Melanie - I do draw the line at too many crows!! We have a family group (I believe) of approx 10 crows which is plenty.

  8. It's so great to read about someone else who loves crows! We get a lot of blackbirds, which are similiar but smaller. I admire their intelligence and how social they are. But they sure ravage my feeders if the little birds don't get there first.

  9. TS - I'm sure if we had bird feeders the crows would happily take part. I have on occasion though left them pieces of watermelon which they seem to thoroughly enjoy.