Saturday, October 9, 2010

Searching for Bulbs

I have had every intention of buying garlic bulbs for weeks now but inevitably every time I thought of it there was no time.  So yesterday I finally decided I had the time to visit Veseys and buy my fall garlic.  Uh oh.  Their website says they're sold out!  If you live on PEI you'll know that Veseys is a very popular store.  Well known for their seed and bulbs, as well as shrubs and perennials.  They sell, online, in both Canada and the US.  For those of us privileged enough to live in PEI we can purchase products right at the store, IF we get there in time.

What's a girl to do?  A quick call to Jewell's Country Market confirmed that not only did they have garlic bulbs but all of their bulbs are 40% off as they are closing for the season!  What a bargain.  Jewell's is still open until Monday if, like me, you've put off purchasing your fall bulbs.  They are located at the corner of York Road and St. Peters.
Other items for sale include fall flower arrangements, pots, fresh vegetables and other garden items.  Know what else they have?  Goats.
They aren't for sale but you can feed them if you'd like.

This is the second time Jewell's has come to my rescue.  In the spring I purchased a cherry tomato plant at another nursery which became very sickly and had to be tossed.  I had lost precious weeks of growing time and was desperate to find a new tomato plant.  I ended up at Jewell's, which has numerous greenhouses as well as the marketplace, and got my wonderful Sweet Millions tomato which has done extraordinarily well, not to mention some basil and various annual flowers.

So it looks like I'll be planting my garlic this weekend after all.  oh, and 75 bulbs of Siberian Squill*.  They were on sale after all.

*Thanks to Jean for suggesting this bulb.  After looking into it I think they will be the best choice to fill in the lawn as they bloom early and can stand the competition from the grass.  They will also naturalize over time and I hope to have a sea of blue in my front yard in years to come.


  1. Marguerite, I had forgotten that I suggested Siberian squill, but I'm thrilled that you're going to plant them. I have long wanted a 'lawn' full of those intense blue flowers in spring. Yet another thing to add to my wish list for my front-garden-of-the-future. -Jean

  2. Jean, I have no many plants and ideas on my wish list. I'm glad I got started on this one though. It will be a few years before I have the sea of blue I'm dreaming of but I'll work on it, a few hundred bulbs at a time each year.