Saturday, December 4, 2010

Food Bank Challenge

I'm discussing a different kind of gift giving today.  I think we can all agree it's very nice to receive gifts.  And also very nice to give gifts to loved ones.  But there something very special about giving gifts to those you don't know at all.  There's a different kind of satisfaction in completing an act without expecting any recognition or results.

Recently, fellow blogger, It's Me, Sam posted The Food Bank Challenge. (via The Witch).

Sam notes:
Many of us are so fortunate in being able to buy what we like at the grocery store and never having to choose between putting food in the fridge or paying for rent.
Throughout the month of December we're being invited by Sam to post our contributions.  Perhaps together we can inspire others.

My contribution is a little different.  As some of you may have noticed, I love my cats. I have a soft spot where animals are concerned.  I visit the local Humane Society and their website occasionally and it consistently distresses me when I see statistics like 46 animals taken in last week and only 20 adopted out.   Cats and dogs have been bred by humans for hundreds of years to be domesticated animals and by virtue of this domestication they have become dependant on humans.  While they may retain some instincts, they are for all intents and purposes helpless without a human to provide food and shelter.  While I wish I could adopt every cat in the shelter I'm financially unable to do so.  That doesn't mean I can't donate though.  Even one can of food will make a difference.

So I started this week with a box.

And then I looked through our cupboards.  Cats can be fussy eaters so there's usually some cans of food that have fallen out of favour with our cats that I'm able to contribute.

Chicken again!
From there I checked the store flyers.  At least one store each week typically has some pet products on sale and I can generally locate a sale priced bag of cat litter.  And then I did my weekly run to the pet store and added a few extra cans and goodies.  In no time at all the box started to fill.

Each shelter has different needs and will likely have a list of things they could use.  The PEI Humane Society has a wishlist which includes items from laundry detergent to pet food.  Check the lists at your local society and you will find that there are many items besides pet accessories they could use such as your old towels, used patio set or garden hose.

Just the Facts

  • The PEI Humane Society uses approximately 16 - 20 cans of cat food per day
  • Cat litter is one of the Society's highest expenses
  • Wet canned food is necessary to help administer medications, and provide nourishment to cats who will not or can not eat dry food.


  1. A wonderful idea for needy pets! I like your spirit of contribution and your inventiveness. Happy holidays to all, cats included!

  2. I too donate to the SPCA. I am an avid animal lover and I feel so sorry for the homeless animals. That is how I acquired my cats. They came to the back door and would not leave in the dead of winter. I commend you.

  3. there are so many ways we can give, aren't there marguerite .. i love this one ..

  4. A great cause and a wonderful challenge. Once a year, I get all my extra cat supplies together and donate them to the local cat shelter. Good luck!

  5. What a great way to combine "giving" with your personal interest in animals. Many cats will be thanking you this Christmas:)

  6. This is a great idea and you have really filled a nice box for the PEI Humane Society. This is such a great organization which we also contribute too. I always give them a donation, some gently used towels and if I'm at Value Village I always look for those old toilet seat covers. The cats get to sit on them in the cages instead of the metal bars, plus they wash like rags.
    Good idea also with the Canadian Tire money, you have made some cats very happy this Christmas season.
    Thanks for the mention and helping us with the challenge.

  7. Wonderful idea!!! I will contact the shelter in my area next week. Thanks Marguerite.

    I travel tomorrow to the land of snow. Montreal.

  8. What a wonderful idea! I will definitely be checking into the wishlists for our local shelters...

  9. What a great idea! We are cat fanatics, having got both of ours from the SPCA. I think your idea is a lovely way to give something back. :)

  10. Thanks Laurrie. There are so many places that need help it's hard to decide where to put your efforts but the sight of cats in cages always gets me every time.

    Jane - There really are a lot of places that need a little extra assistance. Hard to choose just one.

    Gardenwalk - Isn't that just the way of cats! My hubby has long said that cats choose you, not the other way around. Thank goodness you took them in.

    LifesHighway - It doesn't take much does it? I find just looking through the cupboards I can usually come up with something to donate.

    Jane - I just have to be careful that I only donate and don't end up coming home with more cats!

    The Witch - What a great idea re: the toilet seat covers! We rarely use our Canadian Tire money and since they sell pet supplies the Humane Society can put it to good use.

    Sandra - How lovely! Are you visiting family? Unfortunately Ontario through to the Maritimes are experiencing storm conditions right now so hopefully your flight is uneventful. I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Kate - Sometimes I forget that charities also have business duties and not only are food and supplies needed but office materials, etc. are also beneficial. The wish lists are really helpful as a lot of the items they need might be in our house.

    Ms.S - We're the same. All our pets have come from the SPCA or were feral. There's just too many homeless animals out there to justify spending money on purchasing a pet.

  11. It's a great idea to help somehow the shelters. Sounds like you act in St. Nicholas's miracle spirit!

  12. I love that you're doing this!!! What people don't realize is it's cheaper to euthanize an animal than to feed and care for it so for many shelters with a tiny budget, that's their only option. Hooray for you!!!

  13. That's a great idea! The animal shelters need our support!

  14. I think that it is great that you are gathering food for the local Humane society. I always try, no matter how pressed we are, to donate to local toy drives as well as to the food bank. And when I gather that donation for the food bank, I try to include some pet food as many of the people, who need the food bank's assistance to get through each month, have pets at home.

  15. Scented Leaf - that's very kind. Really I'm just a sucker for animals.

    TS - It's the thought of animals being euthanized that makes me donate more than anything. It's just too tragic for words.

    Laura - Thank you. There's so many charities that need support, I think the trick is finding one that's close to your heart.

    Jennifer - Thank you for bringing that up! Food banks generally need more than just human adult food. Pet food, baby food and hygiene supplies are often overlooked.