Thursday, December 16, 2010

Perusing the Seed Catalogues

Somebody must have known I was looking at seed catalogues.  Tallying up my purchases.  Wondering if I should just buy seeds that I can plant straight into the ground or should I attempt starting seeds indoors this year.  If I want basil I either have to start my own indoors or purchase the plants.  It's easier to purchase plants at the nursery and just pop them in the soil but it's extremely rewarding to start them indoors and watch them grow inch by inch.  I questioned whether I will have the energy to start seeds knowing there will be so many other chores to do like expanding the vegetable and flower beds, and planting more trees.  Buying basil from a nursery would lessen my workload but does the nursery carry claytonia?  what?  Exactly.  No it doesn't.  Amidst this debate I received a Christmas card yesterday.  Beautifully hand painted.  Addressed from Sechelt, British Columbia.

Inside this card was a packet of seeds.  Heirloom tomato seeds, labelled Clear Pink.  The debate is over, I'll be starting tomato plants indoors this spring.

What seeds will you be planting this coming year?


  1. Debbie/GardenofPossibilitiesDecember 17, 2010 at 7:12 AM

    What a lovely Christmas card, especially with a packet of seeds tucked inside. I tend to plant only seeds that can be started outside. I love the idea of planting seeds inside in the winter and caring for them until they're ready for life outside. But I have to be realistic and admit I'll lose interest in them over the winter and most of them will never see the light of day. I typically plant flowers like cleome, nasturtium and 4 o'clocks.

  2. I am in a debate with myself right now. I want to keep the seeds from my plants and try to grow them next year, but I dont know if i would have the space. I will very likely store them and maybe give them away.

  3. I am so pleased to read you will start your own tomato plants. You won't be sorry..and might I recommend a little Storey Book, "Grow the Best Tomatoes" by John Page. The feeling of seeing your own seeds germinate and grow..well it is pretty special.

    Speaking of special,..someone very dear to me comes from Sechelt.

  4. Debbie - I've grown my own seeds indoors in the past but with starting this new garden I have been a bit reluctant to do so at this time. I planted zinnias, chamomile and other 'easy' seeds last year which was far less work.

    Fer - It's so easy to end up with a lot of seed isn't it? Between collecting and purchases I find I need to do inventory frequently and clean house. There just isn't the room for all those plants.

    Gardeningbren - I looked up your book and I'm intrigued! I've started seeds before but honestly I've never started tomatoes. At least not on purpose. Tomato seeds have such a huge longevity, I repeatedly find them in my compost pile or anywhere I've distributed compost.

  5. What a beautiful card and gift for a gardener! I tried some wildflower seeds this fall of bluebonnet, larkspur and poppy...not sure if they will make or not but I hope to be able to post about them in the spring. I just sowed them directly into the ground...don't have the patience for indoor starts just yet!

  6. I grew curly parsley from seed that I grow for the caterpillars but that's about it. Oh yeah, I also grew zinnias from seed. That was fun! I love the idea of seeds but don't have anywhere to start them inside. Those catalogs are sooo tempting, though!! I've already started dreaming about the zinnias for next year... :o)

  7. The perfect thing to pop in the Christmas card for a gardener! I still have no real idea of what I will grow next year veg-wise. I am trying to persuade myself to just use the tomato seed I already have, but I am so tempted by various new varieties. And then there is the issue of what chillies to try. I plan many a happy hour starting at seed catalogues... Good luck with your tomatoes!

  8. Whimsical Gardener - That's a great idea since many seeds need stratifying to grow anyway. I look forward to seeing your results.

    TS - I love zinnias, so easy to grow and so pretty. I'm thinking I need dill or parsley as well this year for caterpillars. I found some on my carrots this year and promised myself I would grow some plants just for them.

    Janet - I have the same issue! Despite knowing I have more seed than I can use I'm still so tempted by all those seed catalogues!

  9. I plan to plant some zinnia seeds and something new to me..."touch-me-nots" A fellow blogger sent the seeds to me, after I commented on how pretty the flowers were. I always plan to start seeds and usually start them too early, so that they get so leggy. This year I will sit on my hands to keep myself from doing that. It's just so tempting when spring is just around the corner.
    Thanks for commenting on my bouquet of the month.Have a blessed Christmas.

  10. I always start a lot of perennials and veggies by seed. I like to give them a fighting chance by growing big and strong indoors before transplanting outdoors.

    Plus, I go a little stir crazy with cabin fever towards the end of January so it's always fun to do little gardening projects when the weather is frightful...

    Happy Holidays!

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  12. Balisha - that's one of my issues too! I inevitably start seeds much much too early and haven't got a really effective indoor growing set up so they get a bit spindly. This year I'm going to try really hard to wait a little longer.

    Kate - it's one way to increase our gardening time isn't it? right when we're itching to get outside we can dig around inside to help get us through.