Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All the Pretty Vases

Although spring has arrived I still have no flowers for my vases.  Buds have formed on the squill and muscari but the rain is now holding them back.  Soon, soon I keep telling myself.  In the meantime I'm grateful that flowers aren't necessary to appreciate the beauty of coloured glass.

Or detailed carvings in ceramic

Some of my vases have paintings of flowers rendering real flowers an unnecessary addition.

Collected together they make an interesting focal point.

Or at least that's my reasoning for purchasing more of them.

Along with spring flowers, auction season is now upon us.  I will be at Moe's this Saturday in Cornwall.  Who knows?  Perhaps I'll find a vase or two to bring home.


  1. Good luck on your vase hunting at Moe's. I also find some nice ones at Value village, yard sales and of course at the Dune's Gallery. But alas the Dune's is usually just window shopping for me.
    Your collection is very nice and I'm sure even pretty when filled with fresh flowers.
    My Lily of the Valley will be the first to grace my nice blue vase.

  2. Your vase collection is beautiful. I love a good auction. Hope you find some more beauties.

  3. Just keeping telling yourself that when the rest of us are dying in the heat and the gardens look scorged you will be sipping a cool glass of lemonade breeze in your hair and outside walking through the perfect flowers.

    Have fun at the auction. A favorite of mine since I'm still lacking lots of furniture for my house.

  4. Lovely collection - particularly the green glass ones. Should keep you going until the flowers arrive.

  5. Pretty! I especially like all your green vases. I am sure that they look beautiful when the light shines through them on the window ledge.

  6. Green is my favourite colour - I really loved the first vase in your post. The siberian squill are in full bloom around here and my bleeding heart has grown about 10 inches in the last few days. We've had a couple of mild days and LOTS of rain but it is supposed to get cold again later today. The magnolia trees are just beginning to bloom and the forsythia has just started to bloom also. The colours are a sight for sore eyes!

  7. Vases against a window catching the rays of the sun - beautiful. I hope you can fill them up soon! Good luck on your hunt for more.

  8. Hi Marguerite,
    I am a sucker for vases too and have far too many- and yet I am always adding more to my collection. I really like the green glass ones you have. I also find that pitchers are great casual vases. Your white one is really nice. Happy hunting this weekend!

  9. One can never have enough pretty vases ...

  10. The Witch - love the dainty blooms on Lily of the Valley. I purchased a couple plants last spring at a plant sale but they haven't survived. Same thing happened in BC. I must be the only person able to kill that stuff.

    TufaGirl - I love the auction atmosphere, very exciting and we've gotten to know various people there.

    Jess - we're still on the hunt for furniture after all this time. Like your statue it's hard to find just the right pieces to fit in a room.

    Janet - I'll get my colour one way or another! If I can't have blooms I'll fake them.

    Karin - they are lovely with the light on them. I kept seeing pretty coloured glass in peoples windows and had to get some of my own.

    Jane - so glad to hear you were able to identify the squill. Funny that I should have planted those in the fall. Sounds like you have all sorts of plants growing, nothing to make the heart a little lighter than some colour.

    Holly - I have my fingers crossed we'll see some bulbs blooming by this weekend. It will be May after all, it's about time!

    Jennifer - pitchers are wonderful. I had several when we were in BC but haven't found any to my liking here yet. Hubby says I have an addiction for vessels.

    Kim - I agree entirely!

  11. These are stunning vases with color, texture, and lovely. I like how you have placed them on the window sill...perfect.

  12. Your vases are really cool! I once stuffed a bunch of flowers in a jumbo glass beer mug. It was attractive yet pathetic. LOL! :o)

  13. Sage Butterfly - Thank you! I've seen coloured glass in other people's windows and it inspired me to gather some of my own. Love the light through the glass.

    TS - I can't say I've ever used a beer mug but certainly old pop bottles have been used! These vases can stand alone but flowers can turn any vessel into a thing of beauty.