Friday, April 8, 2011

And the Winner Is.......

It's finally spring outside.  You can tell by the birds chirping and the whisper in the breeze.  Hubby tells me the definitive sign that spring is finally here has occurred.  The Masters are taking place this weekend.  Well thank goodness the weather has finally turned because I sure don't want to be stuck in the house watching golf all weekend.

Luckily I was able to drag my husband away from the tv long enough to pull a name out of a hat.

So, here's what we've all been waiting for.......

drum roll please ........

The winner of the glass ornament


 ..... is ............

(Nell can you please send me your mailing address.  I can be contacted at 
canoecorner AT hotmail DOT com)

How pleased I am to be able to send this gift to one of my first supporters.  Last year, when I was just starting this blogging venture she was one of the first to 'fave' me on Blotanical.  An active member she found this newbie and gave me a nudge.  Now one year later I can return the favour.

For those of you who are non-garden bloggers who might be wondering what the heck Blotanical is.  Or what exactly is a 'fave' anyway?  Blotanical is self described as a place 'where garden blogs bloom'.  It is a place to discover garden blogs, meet other bloggers and share in all our gardening obsession.  Faving is basically saying, hey, I like this blog, other people should read this too.

For those of you who may not know Nell, she hails from Rural Southwest Georgia.  The seeds she scatters are mainly those of her 'bulletproof' california poppies.  Bright gobs of orange standing out in the hot humid climate of her zone 8 garden.  Her blog is delightfully organized.  A woman after my own heart.  Tabs for lilies, daffodils, camellias.  A garden inventory.   Notes on what's going on in her greenhouse.  What fruit she's growing.  I adore lists.  Particularly lists of plants.  Although I'm smitten with this post which has nothing to do with flowers whatsoever.

Once again I'd like to thank each and every one of you who read my blog.  I've received wonderful feedback from so many of you and I've enjoyed exchanging stories.  I look forward to another year together and more adventures to enjoy.


  1. Nell Jean is a very deserving winner! She was one of my first supporters, too. P x

  2. Congrats to Nell Jean... and thanks for the link to her post on her unusual neighbors. I got a kick out of it!

  3. Nell is a wonderful gardener, and a very supportive blogger. I'm glad she won - I'm sure she'll appreciate the prize.

  4. I too like Nell jean's blog quite a bit. Glad she one the prize.

  5. You are fabulous!!! Here's why: you wrote this sweet post, I read it and popped over to Nell Jean's blog, I read about her poppies, which remind me of CA, where I grew up, I asked her a few questions, she responded, and now I'm going to throw some poppy seeds in a pot and hope for a little piece of CA right here in VA. Since the climates of CA and VA are so different, it never occured to me that they might grow here since I've never seen them anywhere. You have no idea how huge this is!!! Thanks a million times over!!! :o)

  6. Congratulations, Nell!
    I've been so busy I'm behind on my blog reading, and look what I missed!

  7. Wonderful news! Congrats nellJean. gail

  8. Laurrie - I'm always a sucker for a donkey.

    TS - Thank you! Yours is a wonderful story and it's connections like that keep me blogging. We all gain so much from this.