Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Back

I needed to step away for a bit.  Take some time to gather my energy and get some projects completed.  Spring has been exceedingly hectic this year.  So cold through April and May, buckets of rain.  It was difficult to get outside.  Toward the end of May it began to warm up, slightly, and I began to rush through the numerous chores.  Though I said I wouldn't take on too much this year, I did it anyway.   It reminds me of a joke.
A scorpion is walking along and comes to a river.  He cannot find a way to cross the water when he spies a turtle.  He asks the turtle if he would be so kind as to ferry him across.  The turtle agrees but on one condition - the scorpion must not sting him!  So the scorpion climbs on the turtles back and they begin to make their way across the river.  Half way across the river the scorpion stings the turtle.  The turtle, startled and in pain, yells "you said you wouldn't sting me!  why did you do that?"  The scorpion replies "I can't help it, it's in my nature".
The apple trees began blooming this week.  Different trees than last year.  Whoever planted this orchard knew what they were doing.  In order to have apples each year, when you are planting biennial trees, you must have a mix.  Some trees will bloom on odd years, some on even.  This year there will be new and different apples than last.  There are three trees behind the house, away from the main orchard.  They did not bear a single apple last year.  All of these trees are now blooming profusely.

In the entrance bed there is a small apple tree sprouting from an old stump.  Last year it produced approximately a dozen apples.  This year I'm guessing there'll be a few more than that.

Close up of the branches, covered in blossoms
I have taken the fancy camera out several times this week to capture the many stages of these blooms.  I don't think I could ever tire of them.  Hopefully you feel the same, as there were so many photos I had a hard time limiting myself.

The pink buds starting to unfurl

This tree is new to us this year.  The buds are almost entirely white.
starting to open...

the blooms appear...

Until the branches become a waterfall of blossoms


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I love flowers.

  2. You can never have too many apple blossom photos. That's a fact. Lovely, timeless, and full of the hope and promise of delicious fruit.

  3. Reminds me of the Andrews Sisters song "Apple Blossom Time'. I love the photos.

  4. Your apple blooms are beautiful! So glad you are back, but I have to get out in the garden when Mother Nature provides the opportunity! Glad to here your weather is improving. What is your fancy camera that you use?

  5. Glad to have you back at it! You and 'the fancy camera' are taking some great pics!

  6. Glad to see you are back. So am I and spending tons of time catching up on all my reading. Didn't get as much done as I wanted this spring, rainy and cold in Ontario as well.

  7. I have never heard of biennial trees. It's interesting, though, about your apple trees producing blossoms and fruit on alternate years, lovely photos too.

  8. Took a break as well...a lot to be done this time of year. Bet the scent of those apple blossoms are divine...drifting through the house I hope. Lilac and chestnut out as well down here! lovely.....

  9. I do love the apple blossoms. But gosh, what is with this weather, eh?
    Time for sun and warmth, preferably without mosquitoes!

  10. Very pretty buds and blooms. I laughed at your joke - I am the same way when it comes to projects and gardening!

  11. Glad you are back Marguerite, missed happy to see the apple blossoms as I left the island before mine bloomed but did see amazing buds..gardening does take over once the weather is nice, it's been 27 degrees here with terrible can panic in the spring with so many jobs needing plants where the best they've been in 8 yrs., then a storm this week flattened some of them..oh well, that's life..happy gardening Lannie

  12. Thanks everyone. Good to be back. The 'fancy' camera is a DSLR Pentax K10D. The lens I use for close ups is the 'short one' - a 50mm 1.4

    Karin - that's the kicker isn't it? we need to garden in order to have fodder for the blog but we need time away from the blog in order to garden.

    Deborah - I'm so impressed with all you accomplished while back in Canada. There's always so much to do though isn't there?

    Melanie - Apparently different varieties are more prone to biennial cropping than others. I believe healthy trees and good management can help to even out crops. Since our trees are old and in poor health they will have some years better than others.

    Bren - surprisingly the apple blooms have only a light scent. I can't smell them unless I put my nose right in them.

    Lannie - so glad to hear you enjoyed yourself on the island. spring really has been a panic here these last weeks. Hearing this will be a big hurricane season so will be looking forward to my plants being flattened as well!

  13. I don't think I could ever get tired of apple blossoms either! They are so beautiful! I'm curious as to what kind of apples you'll get this year. Your orchard fascinates me!! :o)

  14. There is something wonderful about a stump that springs to life, especially when it produces such lovely blossoms. And you'll have apples again in the fall!

  15. TS - I'm curious what apples we'll see too! There are an impressive amount of varieties here.

    Garden337 - welcome! it really is amazing that an old apple stump has brought forth a new tree. And the apples are good too! the only problem is what to do with all these apples! we still have bags of them in the freezer from last year.

  16. Hello Marguerite !
    I never tire of those blossom pictures : ) we used to have a "4 kind" apple tree but it didn't thrive and I thought it was sad looking so it went to tree heaven .. so what do I end up with but a Serviceberry anyways ? haha .. the weather has been wicked and it is hard to get into a groove with the garden .. and I think I need to step back for a while too .. but not until a bit later in the month!LOL ..