Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Entrance Bed

I have been going on about the entrance bed since last year.  When I first discovered this bed it looked like this.

Pretty scary.  The first task, obviously, was to clear out the weeds.  Once that was done I discovered there was an apple tree under all that mess.  And room for new plants. 

So at last spring's plant sale I picked up numerous purchased and quickly filled this bed right up.  All too quickly I realized it needed to be much bigger than it was.

Running out of room already!
So throughout last summer I dug and dug, using a hose to mark out the future shape and size of the bed.

I wanted the original circle to extend much farther into the lawn
But never came close to digging the space that I wanted.

Extended as far as the birch tree but just couldn't dig anymore.
Renting a sod cutter this year changed all that.

Finally!  The bed is now extended past the birch.
Within a couple of hours the size of the bed tripled and it was the exact size and shape I had been dreaming about.  I was ecstatic.

The photo above is from an upstairs window.  Sorry for the grainy visual which is due to a very dirty fly screen.  But I wanted to capture an overhead view.  It is HUGE.  It stretches across the entire front of our house separating the house entrance from the apple orchard and effectively creating two distinct areas.

With all that lawn finally cleared I've had my hands full working to fill it back up.


  1. You're at the fun stage now! Happy planning, purchasing, and planting!

  2. So much fun when you finally get to a point that you've imagined for so long! Holleygarden is right, now the fun begins! Happy gardening!

  3. Oh, what fun! A big new flower bed that needs to be filled up is better than Christmas. I can't wait to see what you do with all that wonderful space. -Jean

  4. I like the oval garden around the apple tree. You have made such great inroads in your gardens. I would be a bit defeated with so many weeds and overgrown beds....you are doing quite well!

  5. That will be really fun to fill up!! That much empty space is like a blank canvas - endless possibilities!! You could even create a little pond in there somewhere. :o)

  6. I love it! Right now it looks like a giant's footprint. Can't wait to see what you do with it. :)

  7. It takes so much work, and it seems daunting, but this bed will be great when it is filled with plants and filling in with growth. How fun to have this big space to play with!

  8. You will love having this picture to look back on years from now, especially when you realize there is hardly any lawn left, lol. I have been thinking about renting a sod cutter for KG, was it easy to use?

  9. Wow! I love machinery! An overhead shot is priceless. This project will be so much fun now.

  10. Holley and Cat - This is definitely the point where one can dream just about anything. So many possibilities for this space.

    Jean - and like Christmas I've been on an endless shopping spree it seems. A new bed is the perfect excuse to buy every plant that comes across your path.

    Thanks Janet. The truth is that I am feeling a bit defeated these days! all that lawn and all those weeds have begun to wear on me. I need a second wind to kick in so I get can these projects finished.

    TS - there is a lot of room for all sorts of ideas. I'm sure it will evolve over time. Even as I've begun planting I can see changes that may need to be made.

  11. Ms.S - I like that vision! Hubby keeps calling it the amoeba.

    Laurrie - You've read my mind. I was excited at first but now I'm just tired. (this seems to be a pattern for me every year) It will be lovely next year to see plants starting to take shape but right now it's pretty bare and I'm getting to that point where I never want to see a shovel again.

    Deborah - one of the great benefits of blogging. I'm thrilled to be able to look back at last year's photos and see the progress. I'm sure in 5 years time the change will be tremendous. Hubby did most of the work with the sod cutter and he didn't find it hard to manage at all. I tried to push it and found it was quite heavy for me. Essentially you need to push down and forward to get the blade to cut in and move ahead. It's a big heavy machine so you need lots of muscle. It seems to work best on flat areas where the roots aren't too deep. Perfect for lawn (our entrance bed cut very smoothly) but when we tried to cut a spot in the back field where the weeds were thick, the roots deep and the ground a bit more uneven it didn't want to cooperate.

  12. Tufa - I was so glad to be able to see this bed from above (despite the dirty window!). It was great to see the full shape and be able to gage distances from another vantage point.

  13. So exciting! That looks so much better, even bare, its a great shape and much more in keeping with the overall scale of your space. And room for so many plants. I foresee many happy hours daydreaming and planning. Can't wait to see what you do with it - but there again, I can just watch your progress from the comfort of my chair, no digging for me!!

  14. Marguerite, thanks for stopping by my xeriscape post. Yes indeed, I agree with your statement about xeriscaping in Canada, using native plants with same growing conditions.