Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Sampling

Last evening the light was just right and I ran and grabbed the camera.  Summer is fleeting but photos of summer flowers will be there to bring me some cheer in mid-winter.

Maltese cross

I thought I removed all of the bell flowers out of this bed but it seems a stray got lost amongst the spirea.

The weigela is already starting to lose it's petals.

The grasses in the meadow have started to form heads.

Also in the meadow are numerous wildflowers.

Lesser Stitchwort


And because I'm just so pleased with this tree and it's recovery from the brink of death.  A new red oak leaf.


  1. What a wonderful sampling of your garden. Like you, I try to take lots of photos of my garden in bloom so I can enjoy them in the winter. My summer flowers are in full bloom and the butterflies are starting to gather. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

  2. Beautiful lighting in your photos!I really like the seed head photos of the grasses.

  3. You really did have wonderful lighting. Your photos are beautiful, the grasses especially. The yarrow is my favorite.

  4. Beautiful, thanks for spotting the light and sharing the results, I particularly enjoyed seeing the meadow grasses and wildflowers.

  5. beautiful photos Marguerite, I love your grass photos, I often find this time of year the evening light is nicer, not so strong as during the day, I like the photo of your red oak and amazingly more of the ones I planted are alive than I realised, they are amazing, I found your description of their growth habit in an earlier post very interesting and informative thanks, I am now determined to get some wind protection around them before winter, Frances

  6. Flowers are pretty, but it's the seedheads of the grasses that are captivating in this light.

  7. The color on the yarrow is so lovely. And your grasses really do add a lot to your garden...very nice.

  8. Lighting really does make the picture. That maltese cross is so strikingly red. Looking at it in midwinter should certainly make you feel warm all over. :)

  9. Debbie - I can't believe we're in mid-July already! Last year I had photos of all stages of the meadow growing up and this year I haven't taken a single photo until now. As you say, thank goodness for digital cameras!

    Janet and Donna - Thank you! That light was the reason I ran for the camera. The sun was going down and it hit that amazing spot where I knew I had limited time to catch it. As I'm learning more about photography the more interested I am in light.

    Janet - I'm so glad you enjoyed these. I really haven't taken enough photos of the meadow this year.

    Frances - it's that summer light isn't it? there's a different quality to it in an evening, very warm. It's still been very cool here so at moments I forget it's really mid-summer. So glad to hear your oaks are
    coming around. I've been so surprised how my oak has come along. The leaves are huge, it seems to think it's a full grown tree! But the new stems are very green and not woody at all. Like you, I'll be working hard at getting it some winter protection.

    Laurrie - seems everyone loves the grasses! I agree though, in that summer light, the grass really lit up.

  10. Sage Butterfly - it's funny, sometimes looking at the meadow from a distance it just looks like a really messy yard but when I walk through, in just the right light, it turns into a magic spot for me.

    Melanie - Don't you just love the bright red? It really is fantastic. You can see it clear across the yard. The trouble is finding plants that complement it. Right now it's planted with pink spirea which looks quite funny. At some point I'll have to move some plants so it's better coordinated.

    Carolyn - you're right! it's GBBD. I didn't even realize. I've never actually participated in GBBD as up to this point I haven't really had a proper garden so to speak. Maybe now it's time I joined in.

  11. Marguerite I've noticed all the young trees I've had seem to have full size leaves on them even when very small and I mean small as most of the trees I have were 1 year saplings when I bought them, they didn't get flower and fruit though until they were much bigger, the Rowan was 8yrs. and the Downey birches and Willows about the same, Frances

  12. Hi Marguerite,
    Summer is passing by so quickly! It is nice to be able to capture some of the season's most beautiful moments on film.I love your meadow shots.

  13. Frances - We've noticed that on many of the new trees too. The leaves seem so large and out of proportion to the tree. Not sure if it means anything but it's funny to see.

    Thanks Jennifer! I can see how my photography has improved over last year.

  14. Oh I'm so glad your red oak survived!! My long grass is forming heads too - and the little chipmunks really love to eat them. I had a good laugh at a chipmunk the other day that had climbed to the top of a tarp-covered pile of old windows in order to reach the head of a long gracefully bent over piece of grass - he enjoyed every morsel!