Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November Bouquet

This might look like a re-post but it isn't.  I just liked last November's bouquet so much that I decided to recreate it this November.  I picked these dried flower heads just in time as today we had our first legitimate dump of snow this season.  15 - 20 centimeters of the white stuff (that's 6 or 7 inches for those using Imperial) is now coating the garden.

Same vase as last year.  This is one of my favourites as it catches the light wonderfully and is very heavy so it won't fall over.

Many of the same plants were used such as yarrow, sedum, ligularia and hydrangea

And a few new ones too, like these rudbeckia seed pods

And dried astilbe

This dried arrangement keeps all winter long in our house ensuring I have a reminder of the garden for months to come.


  1. I rather like your dried flower head arrangement. And I'm impressed that you are so well versed with all your plants.

    I have this beautiful copper vase with several (aged) sprigs of pussy willows. And that bird's nest I thought was a hummingbird's nest but isn't resides in there. I'm sure I'll be looking at them during the course of winter with thoughts of an anticipated spring.

    We got dumped on pretty good, too. Perhaps as much as you but we're vulnerable to drifts which totally sucks! Things are due to warm up so it's not sticking around. It's too early for that.

  2. I have always like the elegance and simplicity of dried arrangements, but our resident Siamese cats knock them over to play with the stalks and eat the dried seedheads. Grrr. I'll enjoy yours here, you can even re-post!

  3. I was thinking of you and your seasonal bouquets as I walked around the garden a few days ago, and again yesterday, when the seedheads were covered in snow pillows and it was a magical winter wonderland. But then, when I knelt to take a photo, what should be buried under the snow but a late blooming rudbeckia.

    Sigh...time to get the snow shovel out heh.

  4. The bouquet is awesome! Love it! Sorry to hear you got snow!

  5. Your climate is so different. It is 62 degrees F and sunny here today. I am definitely not ready for the first snow. The bouquet is beautiful though.

  6. Lovely bouquet to remind you of the garden when under snow.

  7. I can see why you would want to recreate the arrangement from last are just as pretty in their dried form, in my humble opinion!

  8. I love a dried arrangement from the garden. Yours has some lovely textures, also. Hope to have those next year - all I have to show this year are some okra pods. Hee hee!

  9. Our climate seems opposite this year. we have 13 degree weather today, usually up to our armpits in snow by now! Love those dried arrangements, they last for yrs. But with 18 and counting indoor plants I don't have room this year..Had 6 new windows put into our farmhouse in Nov., can't wait to see them..In May I'll be transplanting my 1st plants from Ontario..need lots of advise then! Happy thoughts of next years gardening...Lannie

  10. Hi Marguerite, I like the idea of having a collection of dried flowers as a reminder of the garden. There are lots of bleak winter days when you want to remember those warm, sunny days of summer.

  11. Michelle - I thought New Brunswick had received even more snow than we did. Already most of it was gone today and I got to work outside. Thank goodness, I'm just not ready yet. (will I ever be?)

    Laurrie - drats, cats can be a pest can't they? Luckily ours doesn't tend to knock things over but he does like chewing on my spider plant.

    Brenda - wow, you still had rudbeckia in bloom? Mine were done in by the frosts but gaillardia is still trying. Amazing how much cold some plants can take.

    Aagaard Farms - oh don't feel sorry for us! we're due for snow now and from what I hear you had -8 windchill there today so I should be feeling sorry for you!

  12. Carolyn - that's a great temperature for working in, lucky you! we haven't seen temps like that in at least a month. Summer is just so much shorter here.

    Kentish - it really is nice to still have a bouquet in the winter months, hope for the spring to come.

    Cat - I used to really like dried hydrangeas but I'm finding now there's so many flowers that are lovely dried. The fluffy seed heads of ligularia are of my favourites now.

    Tufa - those dried okra could be really decorative in the right setting! it won't take long for you to have some dried flowers, I am so impressed by the headway you've made with your garden already.

  13. Lannie - I doubt my dried flowers will last years, the seeds tend to fall off whenever I touch it but it will certainly do for a few months. wow, 6 windows, you're really going to love that. The old windows have great texture but it's so nice to have a well sealed working window that you can open and close easily.

    Jennifer - oh there are so many bleak days ahead, I hate to think of them. Today was lovely so I made sure to get outside and get some vitamin D. Too soon it will be very difficult to get outside at all. Got to enjoy what we can now.