Monday, November 14, 2011

PEI Sky Shots

I've been sifting through photographs the last couple weeks.  Ever since I started blogging it seems the number of photographs I take has exploded.  Literally thousands of images clutter my hard drive and so it is time to do a little clean up.  But as I sort and delete I've been finding some great gems that I haven't yet shared.  This particular series is for Joy who often shares her love of beautiful skies at her blog CanadianGardenJoy and has encouraged me to take some sky photos of my own.

Photographing the sky is a tricky thing.  There are times when I'm gardening and I look up and see the light playing in the clouds in a particularly interesting way but I rarely have a camera in hand at the moment.  In this case it was later evening and I was busy photographing the garden at last light when I caught these images.

Another evening shot, approximately a month ago, I was lucky enough to have camera in hand as the honking of geese captured my attention.  Just small dots across the horizon they were gathering to fly south for the winter.

On a really rare occasion I capture a sunrise.  I'm not a morning person and if I'm awake I'm generally rushing around, feeding cats, feeding myself, packing my bag.  The sky needs to be pretty spectacular for me to grab a camera.  This violet hued morning was one of those.

Or this photo of the morning sun streaming across the snow last winter.

More often I will find myself with a camera late in the evening.  Catching the sun going down as we stroll across the beach.

Or, more likely, from our front porch as I race indoors after a day spent in the yard.


  1. Beautiful images, but that sunset across the water is divine.

  2. That second to last shot of sun setting on softly undulating waves at the beach is beautiful. I like your PEI skies!

  3. Beautiful shots! The sky is so tricky to photograph and capture the mood. Your turned out really well. I love sunrises and sun sets!

  4. Love love love these photo's. They are beautiful.

  5. Hi Marguerite, In my first year of blogging, I was very organized with my photographs. Sadly, that order seems to have all gone to hell in my second year. I need to do some major culling, backup everything and get it all off the hard drive. Hopefully, now that the garden season is at an end, I will have more time.
    Your sky shots are great and I am sure Joy is honoured that you thought of her when putting the post together. My favourite is the sherbet colored sky in the last image. It is the perfect scene to enjoy from a comfortable chair at the end of a busy day.

  6. Marguerite, My sky shots never really seem to turn out the way I had hoped but yours are lovely. As Jennifer said, my favorite is the last one with the orangey-pink clouds signaling the end to another day in the garden.

  7. Beautiful photos! Like you, I'm not a morning person, but I'm so glad you captured the sunrise one day--it's so peaceful and full of promise for a beautiful day.

  8. A beautiful collection of photos on a theme.

  9. They are all lovely, but I must say...your beach and sky pic stole my heart. :)

  10. Thanks so much everyone. The beach picture is really classic PEI I think.

    Rose - I like your thoughts on the morning being so peaceful and full of promise. Quiet mornings when I can shuffle around at my own pace are the nicest and the sun across the snow reflects that mood for me.

    Jennifer - my photos are in similar disarray. It's shocking how they pile up so I'm trying to get a little more organized now that I'm inside more.

  11. Just lovely Marguerite! That's part of the reason I'm moving to PEI - the SKY! I have a SKY photo folder on my computer for all of my sky shots - one of my most favourite of all subjects.
    I bought an external hard drive last year (about $100) that has one tetrabyte or terrabyte ...something like that..of storage space. Each year I download all of my photos to it from my laptop. Some day when I have nothing else to do (HAH!) I'll thin them out.

  12. It is an interesting side effect of blogging, isn't it, the hundreds of photos that accumulate! I love a good sky, so thank you for sharing. Like you, I rarely see sunrise - or not when I have a camera to hand - but I think the shot of the sun over the sea is my favourite shot.

  13. OMG !!!!
    Marguerite girl, I am so glad you called my attention to your post here (I have been very behind in visiting lately .. sorry girl !!)
    These are absolutely beautiful !
    Each picture has an individual highlight with cloud shape, birds, trees, COLOUR !! and the stunning one at the beach .. Marguerite I am so in love with the beach since some special years of my childhood were spent by the side of the Ocean. You are so lucky to be so near to it !
    The COLOUR behind this building is stunning girl ! I am so glad you caught the pictures that you did and posted them .. just maybe I am turning you into a sky fan after all ? and you don't have to get up early in the morning girl : )hehe
    Thank you so much for the mention of me : ) you are VERY sweet ! Thank you !
    I am in love with your pictures and you have also reminded me to .. hum .. clean up my pictures too ! LOL
    Joy : )

  14. Jane - I've begun the thinning but I need to work on separate storage for all these photos. In the past we've just put them on CD but I haven't done that in ages.

    Janet - I'm always amazed at people who have great photos of so many subjects. I find I shy away from carrying a camera with me all the time.

    Joy - I'm always behind in blog reading and commenting, no apologies necessary. Glad you caught these as I know you love your sky pics.

  15. some beautiful photos Marguerite, the number of photos I take exploded when I got a digital camera ;o) Frances

  16. such beautiful captures. well done!