Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cats on the Corner

More favourite photos from this year that did not make it to publication.  Perhaps I don't write enough about my cats?  Well I'll make up for that now and focus this series on our feline friends.

Cat number one, Gino, has been with us some 7 years now.  He's a little cranky as he approaches middle age and doesn't like sharing his space with those outdoor felines but he does love to putter along behind me through the garden.

While perusing the photographs I realized that cat number two, Funnyface, is by far the most photographed cat of the trio.

He was very very scared of us when we first moved here and would hide at the sight or sound of us but in the last year, with a lot of coaxing, he has become my pal.

You wouldn't even guess that he was the same cat.  I mean, who could have suspected this?

He wants a belly rub.  Seriously.  This former feral feline, tom cat on the prowl, loves belly rubs.

Most often though he be found with his best pal, cat number three, Priscilla.

They're a team those two.  That is unless herself is off hunting.  Her favourite past time it seems, lurking out in the field.  She never fails to bring us home a varmit or three and proudly displays them at the front door for us to find.

Lucky us.  (but perhaps not so lucky for the varmits)


  1. Cats are such sweet garden companions. I just worry about the birds in the area and that they might get run over by a vehicle. What handsome cats you have.

    I always think I will plant sunflowers but I usually fail to do so. They have such happy faces.

  2. I grew up with four cats and would have them now, in addition to the dogs, were it not for my hubby's allergies to them. The fact that you tamed a feral cat is a testament to your kind character. You are obviously a keeper!

  3. My kitty so much wants to be a garden kitty... but its not in the cards for her... city living.

  4. So glad you found these and posted them, Marguerite. They're all so sweet! I have cats as garden companions, too; the only problem is that they are thrilled when I dig up fresh soil and often leave me little "gifts" in the flowerbed:) But I'll credit them as the main reason rabbits don't come near my garden. Funnyface looks like he's loving his life as a pampered pet!

  5. I am a dog lover but I have fond memories of various kitties in my life that have been great garden helpers and faithful (better than a dog) companions. I think the boys are the sweetest.

  6. They are sweet :) I love cats, we have 4. We had 5 but lost Magic to cancer at the age of 10. Our oldest, Cammy is almost 16 years old :)

    Your guys are defenitly cute

  7. They bring such joy, everyday, don't they? Isn't it amazing how one can 'tame' a feral cat just with love and patience! Our little barn cats almost all love a little petting now - but it took a couple years and some kitty treats! The Happiest New Year to you, your family and all your friends!

  8. It's funny how big old toms can become such babies! Your cats are adorable. They look like good garden helpers!

  9. Lovely cat photos. They all have their own characteristics.

  10. Marguerite girl this is the first time I have really seen pictures of these gorgeous creatures !
    I know my girls would love to be outdoor garden cats but they are far safer indoors as are the birds outdoors ! LOL .. I have always been a cat woman .. just something in my nature or theirs ? LOL
    Happy New Year Marguerite !!

  11. cats being one of my fav things I love this post, the cats on the corner page was one of the things that started me reading your posts, they are wonderful warm and fun creatures when they know the person can be trusted,

    I just read your sunflower post too and found it interesting seeing the life cycle, they are beautiful plants and good for nature, I tried some this year but they didn't germinate probably due to our cool summer,

    wishing you and Jodi a happy new year and wonderful 2012, Frances x

  12. Pictures of cats are always a treat! You need one or two more, don't you?

  13. Your garden companions are just gorgeous!! We need to see more pictures, you can never have to may when it comes to our wonderful pets. Sadly I need a friend or two but my heart was broken when mine passed away. I'm just happy with the 8 cats our neighbor has which always come for a visit and seem to be great hunters.
    Wishing you and a Hubby a Happy New year and all the best in 2012.

  14. Lisa - there's many issues with having cats outside for sure. They're either killing something themselves or being killed. I have experienced both and spend a lot of time worrying about those cats. As our pet cat grows older he spends more time inside which suits me just fine but the feral kitties will forever be what they are so we try to do the best we can for them. lately foxes are coming round which makes me nervous for them.

    Tammy - i think I have more patience with animals than people some days! but thank you for your kind words. I look at your household and wonder how you manage (5 dogs is a kind heart indeed), I like dogs too but am well aware how much time and effort they require so I stick to cats who are quite happy to ignore me most days.

    Jess - the cityis certainly much harder on cats for sure. We're lucky to have so much space for these guys to wander without ever crossing a road.

    Rose - I've discovered the same problem in my ga rden. The cats (particularly the ferals) have never had it so good with those nice raised beds to dig in.

  15. Tufa - I've heard a number of times that boy cats have a reputation as more loving. I'm not sure if I believe it or not, I've had a couple girl cats in the past that were loving but had some quirks too. Not sure if that was past history (pound kitties) or a female thing.

    Johanna - I love when people know their pets ages and they're so much a part of the family. We can only guess at ages here as the ferals were at this house long before us and Gino was a stray pound kitty. He's been with us 7 years but he's likely several years older than that.

    Aagaard - treats are undisputedly the key to winning a feral cats heart! LOL You've done a great job with your brood and it's lovely to see them now cared for at your farm.

    Thanks Holley. Some days I laugh as the troops follow me out into the garden. They really do like to tag along.

  16. Kentish - they certainly do. even more so in person where all their quirks become evident.

    Joy - while there's some fun in seeing my cats outdoors it's a hard choice some days when they don't say show up at the appointed time for dinner. Many times I have been left worrying.

    Frances - I replanted a number of seeds this year and sunflowers were one of them. It was so cool that germinating was very difficult. Worth a try again next year though as I was surprised at how well they did in the wind, even the hurricane didn't dislodge them.

    Oh Kim don't tempt me! we've gone through this a few times this year when the humane society has been overrun. I would love to add more but I also worry about the cat war that would break out if I did. As it is I have to keep Gino and Funnyface apart, not to mention the wandering ferals that come through and cause a commotion.

    Witch - the next best thing to having your own is having cats that visit I think :) We have several other visitors that come by that are always welcome here,including dogs.