Sunday, January 1, 2012

Black and White

I am continuing to review my photos.  Deleting some, smiling and laughing over others.  This set is all about black and white.  I don't often alter my photos but black and white has an allure for me.

There's something classic about a black and white photograph isn't there?

Of course, the photos don't necessarily need to be black and white.  They can feature black and white, like our visitor here.

Or this visitor

In fact, we seem to have had a lot of black and white visitors this past year

But my favourite black and white subject that I see each day is this lady here


  1. Love the contrasts with black and white.

  2. I love b/w photos. They have so much atmosphere and texture. I especially love the sky over the outhouse, it looks silvery. :)

    All the best in the New Year!

  3. I love B&W photos. They are so dramatic! Your B&W friends are adorable!

  4. My pets were all black and white until I adopted a gold and white cat. My husband made the comment it was odd I let it inside, he thought I made a conscious effort to only have pets in B&W. I like B&W photography because you see things more clearly without the competition of the color. Like your hydrangea, the multitude of petals is so much more interesting when in a combo of lights and darks.

  5. Delightful! I like your black and white lady, all shaded by the nearby tree.

  6. Oh, I love the black and white! I even love black and white movies. Your pets (but not the skunk!) are adorable.

  7. Great theme you have with the black and white.
    Is that your dog? What a beauty, with those nice blue eyes.
    I smelled our first skunk early this morning while putting out the recyclables. So weird to smell this in the first week of Jan.

  8. Kentish - the colours really make the pictures sharp don't they?

    Ms.S - I must admit I mucked with that picture a bit. There's some smudging around the edges of the photo that's all computer done. It makes the sky a little more interesting I think.

    Karin - I had to include those pictures, our visitors this past summer has been the most entertaining.

  9. Donna - when I was altering photos I wondered if it would improve the photographs or show off my mistakes! I came to the conclusion that without colour to distract I think you need a really solid photo. Glad you liked the hydrangea.

    Laurrie - that photo was one of my favourites this year. What a perfect day to shoot the house with the tree shadows falling on it.

    Holley - oh that poor skunk, he just doesn't get the love! LOL

    Witch - I guess the warm weather is messing with the skunks. Jody told me he saw digging underneath our shed where the skunks live so it seems they are still active. The dog is a local runaway - part husky, part greyhound. I spent an entire day this summer walking the neighbourhood trying to find her owner - turns out she's from the next district over. boy that girl can run.

  10. Let's hope that the skunk just slunk away without leaving any calling cards for you.

    Great shots.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. I went through a period when I was younger and taking photography at university when I did nothing but black and white photos. Still love them. I'm thinking about setting up a dark room in my barn eventually - now that would be fun!
    Really enjoyed seeing these photos Marguerite!

  12. Jen - the skunks are very well behaved in our yard it seems. The cats don't bother them and they have no reason to spray so thus far we're good. They do have the added benefit of eating all the june bugs from the lawn so I'm actually quite happy to see them.

    Jane - wow, a real dark room! It's funny, with digital photography now I think dark room skills are a dying art.

  13. Just catching up with your blog and had to comment on this one - stunning photos!