Thursday, September 23, 2010

70 Mile Rant

One of the many busy sales from the 70 Mile Yard Sale
I've noticed a few articles lately that raised my eyebrows.  It all started over at Garden Rant with this article and then it progressed to here.  Responses have been many.  TufaGirl spoke to it, Garden Walk Garden Talk chimed in, and my favourite response was at In The Garden.   The more I read, the more thoughts jumped into my head.

I like that the bloggers at Garden Rant have the guts to write posts that are controversial and might offend people.  That takes courage.  These types of articles spark debate and debate is good.  Everyone has a right to think what they think and feel what they feel.  They should be free to express themselves.  Isn't that what a democracy is all about?

But the very idea of a 'rant' is negative to me.  A rant doesn't invite discussion and there is a connotation that you are complaining.  And what is it that's being complained about?  Poverty, civic pride, intolerance?  These are worthy topics but what if your rant is the source of injustice, intolerance or bigotry?

When I read these rants they made me consider many things, such as whether the posts had merit, if I accepted the writers points of view, how I felt about gnomes and flag poles, ranting in general and negativity.  I discovered that ranting is not something I'm interested in.  It doesn't feel good and it makes me grouchy.  There is so much negativity in the world if you look for it.  To me, negativity begets negativity.

What I'd rather do is tell you about how much fun we had at the 70 Mile Yard sale last Saturday.  The crowds of people, how the sun came out and it got so hot we had to shed all our layers of clothing and have an impromptu picnic.  And of course I'd like to show you my favourite purchase of the day.

Yup, that's some genuine plywood yard art.  We've hung him up on our mailbox out front where everybody can admire him.  Enjoy!


  1. I like your garden-rant rant way better than the originals. Gardens should be unique to their owners, and of course, "cute" is fun. What a perfect yard-sale yard-art find to rebel against that rant! And by the way, I have neighbors who have a majestic flagpole in their front garden, with red-white-and-blue flowers surrounding it. Didn't that post seem so un-patriotic? I must add too that I admire those who can use garden objects effectively. I'm terrified of where to place stuff, as the house is so big and tall, and our shrubs grow so giant here. garden is mostly plant material, with a couple benches and bird baths being the only manmade things.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the sale. Your skunk is cool!

  3. Marguerite
    I'm like-minded. Prefer not to rant when I blog;~D

  4. Here, here. The 70-mile yard sale sounds like so much fun. I'm sure your skunk turns many heads out by the mailbox.

  5. hear, hear on the anti-rant. I would love going to a 70 mile yard sale, oh the stuff I would buy.

    The skunk... an excellent choice.

  6. Cool skunk - seems to be less smelly...

  7. FloridaGirl - There was so much in those posts that shocked me. I had no idea some people were so vehemently against flag poles. and why would you care that your neighbour displays a collection of cement rabbits in their garden? To me a garden is like your home, it gives a hint of your personality, it's a place you create for your pleasure and enjoyment. Why would we bother to see anyone else's garden if they all looked like our own? I love when someone takes the time to put up a flag, or display gnomes and pink flamingos in their yard, it tells me who they are and that they spend time enjoying their yard. I confess I like more traditional garden art like sculptures, bird baths, and benches but a frog dressed up in a ridiculous pose will always bring a smile to my face.

    Auntie K - Thank you

    Melanie - Thank you. But he seems lonely don't you think, maybe some other animal friends...

    Alice - good choice. I prefer to rant in private, where it won't be published on the internet forever, always coming back to haunt me. ;=)

    Debbie - Although we didn't purchase much we still had a wonderful day. Couldn't have asked for nicer weather and it's a great excuse to go for a drive in the country.

    Cheri - just wait until I put some clothes on him....

    Scented Leaf - much less smelly, although skunks are welcome on our property (they eat the lawn grubs). hubby suggested our new skunk act as ambassador to all the skunks in the neighbourhood. rolling out the welcome mat so to speak...

  8. It's so fabulous to cybermeet someone who isn't a nasty, negative, critical, mine-is-better-than-yours person!! We were all born original. Why die a clone? Bravo for those who are different!!

  9. TS - I couldn't have said it better. The world would be a poorer place if people didn't display their originality. Welcome to my blog!