Tuesday, September 14, 2010

70 Mile Yard Sale

It's coming.

You can find the handbook here.

I almost don't want to talk about it for fear I'll jinx myself.

But I thought you should know.
We're going yard saling this weekend.  There will be thousands of people.

And hundreds of sales.

Some things we're keeping an eye out for.  Some things we'll likely be surprised to find.  I'm positive we will have fun no matter what happens.

See you there?


  1. Wow, sounds exhausting and like a lot of fun. Looking forward to see your 'treasures'.

  2. Ha! I love the rabbit story! So something i could see my daughter doing! I better keep an eye on her! Thanks for naming me! I'll have to do this for my Thursday post. My wordless Wednesday post is already booked and auto ready to go!

  3. I am really not sure how that comment got in this post. I swear I left it on you yesterday post. Gah! Computer's are fun!

    I'm so jealous of your fun yard shopping adventure! Sounds like a busy but good day!

  4. Marguerite I love yard sales, second hand stores , flea markets and ebay. Find some fabulous bargains and have fun.

  5. Deborah and Melanie - I'll give you a full report when the weekend's through.

    Laura - Funny enough my niece pulled the same trick with her mom years later. In that case the rabbit had to go though because there were large dogs in the house and the rabbit wasn't safe. I'd check your daughter's room carefully!