Friday, September 3, 2010

Triumphs and Tragedies

Earl is close at hand this evening so I'm sharing a few photos today of this week's bounty in case it all gets swept away.


We've had onions all season and there's still plenty more to eat.  However we've had a bit of rain lately and the onions were getting a bit soggy.  Their tops have now mostly gone yellow so I pulled them up and hung them to dry.
We've had a lot of dew overnight lately so laying on a table wasn't 'a good idea.  Finally settled on hanging them off the clothesline.  Should you choose to do this, laundry is optional.


Despite the end of the season and the oppressive heat there's still flowers that insist on strutting their stuff.
Flowers of Ligularia 'Osiris Fantaisie'


Darwin's Blue Speedwell
Phlox 'David', blooming despite the oodles of powdery mildew
This particular flower makes me laugh.  I was so frustrated in the spring as I left a large portion of a bed open for cantalope and the darn plant died on me.  So I added a cherry tomato and a handful of wildflower seeds leftover from  many seasons ago.  The tomato took off and is now dominating this bed but this one poppy decided it was going to make its own space.

Growing up and through the cherry tomato.  He will not be denied.


Life is not all butterflies and daisies unfortunately.  See this beautiful tree brimming with apples.

Not quite ripe yet unfortunately.  It's projected Earl will be bringing wind gusts of 90 to 110 km per hour tomorrow.  It's unlikely these apples will be able to hang on.


  1. Marguerite, I am totally charmed by the image of the onions sharing clothesline space with the laundry.

    I hope Earl is nice to you. At this point, it seems as though he is going to pretty much miss my part of Maine -- which is a great relief to me since I'm not there to take in the deck furniture, take down the screenhouse, etc. -Jean

  2. Hope those apples do make it, and things don't get too bad up there. Your garden looks lovely. Love those sunny yellows!

  3. I hope the winds off Earl aren't too nasty for you. I look at the National Hurricane center map every morning, and I see that it's right on ya now.

    You took some beautiful favourite is the first one with the hanging onions. That's header-worthy! Very fall-like.

  4. Jean - I don't think you have anything to worry about, looks like Earl missed almost everybody. We pulled everything in and made preparations to be without power but overnight Earl completely changed directions and weakened. Just a regular stormy day here. Although I believe Halifax and area suffered quite a bit.

    Floridagirl - Yah!! there are still apples on the trees today. A lot on the ground too but it wasn't nearly as bad as we'd thought. Thank goodness.

    Kyna - you'll be happy to know I didn't pee my pants. Earl turned east overnight and missed us by a mile. I really like the onion photos too but I have to admit they were taken by Jody, my photography skills just aren't that good.

  5. I love the picture of the onions hanging on the line! Such ingenuity! I hope you all fared okay with that storm. Are your apples still in place?

  6. Marguerite; So glad you had onion triumph. Mine were in the tragedy category this year. :(
    Also glad to hear that Earl was much ado about nothing. I have friends on Long Island who were also bracing for the worst and got just a little rain. The photo of the onions on the line is fabulous!

  7. Laura - some apples stayed on but many fell. Unfortunately the apples that managed to stay up are still damaged from knocking against the trees.

    Auntie K - Isn't that always the way with vegetables? win some, lose some. I lost all my spinach this year. :(