Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Digging for Buried Treasure

Seems we can't go more than a day or two without a storm hitting recently.  But thankfully the last storm was followed by a wee bit of sun.

Blue skies after all that snow is extremely refreshing.  As you can see below the snow banks are getting quite high in places.

This next shot is the snowbank at our house.  Can you spot what's wrong with this photo?

Where's the mailbox?

Nowhere to be found.  Looks like we'll have to dig it out AGAIN

Thankfully we have a general idea where it's located

...... and voila....

Unfortunately we still have to clear a space for the post lady to park her vehicle.

And then check to see if there's any mail.  No mail but there's sure a lot of snow inside that box.

I know better than to jinx myself by saying hopefully that's the last storm of the season but can I just say thank goodness we are nearing the end of winter.


  1. I showed hubs the pictures and he said "You want to move THERE??!!"

  2. You certainly pay a snowy price for your otherwise beautiful location! Hope the thaw doesn't produce flooding issues - as and when it arrives...

  3. All over our town too, I see the ruins of mailboxes that have been toppled or buried or simply sheared off by the snowplow. Mailbox carnage is everywhere. Good thing you know where to dig for your missing mail. What a winter. What a winter....

  4. In exchange for NOT having a mailbox I will have to trek about 3.8 km (roundtrip) to retrieve my mail. I'll wait til I've had to do it for a winter before weighing in on which is the better option!

  5. lol
    sorry for laughing but that's pretty funny.
    Those darned snowplows. Martin has some magic trick that keeps the plows from hitting our mailbox - I think he keeps quite a wide area clear around it so the snow doesn't keep on getting pushed up against the post.
    Something like that.
    Ready for spring yet?

  6. Those snow covered trees are beautiful but I'm still glad it's not me digging out my mailbox. Enough is enough already this winter. How much snow have you had this winter?

  7. Oh I do sympathize. It looks like January here too. Laurrie said it all: What a winter!

  8. Marguerite, Wow that is a ton of snow. It reminds me of when I used to live in Maine and we didn't see the pavement for months. Your photos were a great visual of what it's like where it snows a lot. Carolyn

  9. Johanna, if it makes you feel better I'm getting told this is FAR more snow than is normal around here.

    Plantaliscious - you've hit on one of my big worries. There's an area that runs off in spring that's directly behind our house. I really really hope we don't end up with it flooding.

    Laurrie - we've actually been really fortunate this year. Last year the mailbox kept getting hit by the plow and was regularly knocked down almost every day. We moved it this year and have had more luck, although now it's simply getting buried.

    Jane - I actually miss having a post office box. We often forget to check our mailbox and when we finally get around to it the mail is often sopping wet.

    Kim - ABSOLUTELY ready for spring. I think the plow drivers have a secret code and wouldn't dare knock down a fellow members mailbox.

    Debbie - I'm not sure how much snow we've received overall but they did the stats for February and we've had 162 centimetres of snow this month alone (which is over 5 feet - in the shortest month of the year no less)

    Ms.S - Agreed! I think we'd be hard pressed to find anybody who's enjoying the weather this year. It just seems to get worse and worse.

    Carolyn - and now you know why I'm so jealous when I see all the photos of sprouting bulbs! It'll be quite some time before I see any bulbs blooming unfortunately.

  10. Hee hee. I'm with peihome - that's kinda funny. (I can say this as our mail is delivered to a superbox up the road that's always kept cleared!)

  11. Sad to say your snow is so pretty. Poor mailbox. That happens here too, but at least not at my house. They city just buries our driveways and we all go out to dig out. Then they come back again and plow it all back in. Vicious cycle.

  12. Marguerite, The blue skies are beautiful with the snow -- and that looks like new growth on the birch tree! Just think how wonderful spring is going to be after your cabin fever winter. :-) -Jean

  13. I have cabin fever just look at this! I can't believe how full on super winter it still is up there. Fortunately it really can't go on forever.

  14. Wow, it's so beautiful! I have to say, I have snow envy.

  15. Oh My Gosh, no way you have that kind of snow. If your SO had not been digging out the mailbox then I would have been totally off on the scale of the bank.

    Sorry but I laughed when I saw the mailbox peak out of the snow.

    You are made of hearty stuff.

  16. Liz, there's been discussion of those superboxes in our neighbourhood. I wouldn't mind it actually but many people still prefer their own box.

    Donna - it was a lovely day for photographs, even I can admit how beautiful it can be. I know what you mean about the vicious cycle. Shoveling is just one long chore, the same spots day after day.

    Jean I do love that birch tree. It brushes up against our bedroom window and on weekends I lay in bed and watch the birds flit through looking for bugs. It's beautiful in any season.

    Jess, that's what we're all consoling ourselves with up here. Spring has to come sooner or later.

    SeaBlush - can I sell you some? ;-)

    Cheri - You're right, it's hard to get perspective on just how much snow it is, especially in a photo. Even knowing how high it is I was still surprised driving down the road. I couldn't see some of the houses behind the snowbanks and my mind was going 'this can't be right?'

  17. Very impressive! I've never had a mailbox that buried...looks like the plow helped nature along on that one. The plows just knock down street trees and bend guard rails here.

  18. We have been really buried this year for sure. At least you still have a mail box, most houses along the main road are totally missing.
    And our plow driver is very carefully and considerate. He even lifts the blade while driving by the house after Hubby has plowed the driveway out.
    Don't think the snow is over yet we haven't had our famous Island St. Patty's Day storm.
    I'm so hoping we don't get anymore snow.

  19. Christine - The plow's been doing a great job of not hitting my mailbox this year (as opposed to last year when we had to pick it up virtually every day) however, it seems he's opted to bury the mailbox every chance he gets this year.

    The Witch - I actually think having my mailbox buried is a small price to pay considering all the snow we've had. Those plow drivers are really having a difficult time of it. oh yes, I'd forgotten about the infamous Patty's day. at this rate the snow won't melt until June.

  20. That's just not right! I'm sure the bill collectors will understand ;/

  21. I'm glad you found your buried treasure. Hopefully you'll find lots of checks in it soon.

  22. Cat - somehow I think they would look at that excuse as somewhere on par with 'the dog ate my homework' but it's worth a try.

    One - oh I wish, a magical lottery cheque would make all that digging worth my while.

  23. I am with you Marguerite . . . being happy this is nearly over! I have had to do similar things here as your having to dig out your mailbox! What a winter! We still have at least two feet of snow carpeting the gardens. I just read about your house and want to say how lovely it seems situated. Very Lovely!