Saturday, March 26, 2011

Triumphs and Tragedies

It's been so lovely this week.  The sun was out, the snow was melting.  It really felt like spring was well on it's way.  I even found these.

I read recently that voles like to eat bulbs and I had resigned myself to thinking that the muscari bulbs I planted under the birch trees wouldn't likely see spring.  A Triumph.  It appears that the majority of the bulbs have made it through the winter and will likely flower.

In typical fashion, Tragedy quickly followed Triumph.  I woke up Friday to a snow storm.  The wind was blowing, the snow was falling and it is highly unlikely I will be able to do any gardening this weekend.  I suppose the positive outlook is that it's easier to wipe snow off my truck than it is to scrape off frozen rain.


  1. What a roller-coaster ride your climate gives you! Hooray for the muscari vole survivors - sorry about the snow. Hope Spring returns soon, and properly this time.

  2. Nature is so fickle. I love these Triumph and Tragedy posts that show us the good and the bad!

  3. Thank goodness today is sunny, but it sure is cold!
    I've not seen any voles around here, but we have a horde of squirrels that get into everything. And I mean EVERYTHING!
    I'm glad your muscari survived!

  4. False hope is in the air? Would your cats catch those voles? I know my dogs would not allow them in the garden.

  5. Janet, I should have known it was too good to be true. March is really too early for spring in these parts. Soon though.

    Laurrie - thank you. I found I was trying to always post 'good' things to show about my garden and not admitting to mistakes. This post forces me to remember there are bad things that happen too and that's okay.

    Kim - Isn't the sun wonderful, but that wind!! yikes. No voles? Can I sell you some of mine? ;-)

    One - false hope is right. I'm so desperate for spring right now. All in good time I suppose. The cats do catch the voles but they are outnumbered (perhaps more cats are the answer!). Also in winter the cats can't dig into the snow to catch them. Now that the snow has receded they have started hunting again.

  6. Like your new header photo! The promise of things to come. I thought my snowdrops had won the war but winter won't give up here either. We had more snow and the snowdrops are covered once again. Lots of sunshine today but cold! Waiting once again for the snow to melt!

  7. Love the new layout!!

    Now I am sure Marguerite, it is illegal to sell voles ))))))))...teasing. We remember our Riley cat cocking her head listening..paw would go straight down through the snow...she heard them alright..but never caught any that I saw. It made us laugh...and we miss her.

    Thank heavens we didn't get your snow...a few flurries yes, but looking for a good week next.

    Am really enjoying Triumphs and Tragedy...great idea.

  8. I think this time of year is the toughest for those in the NE, when everyone else is waxing on about Spring. Soon though while those of us here will be in a sweat bath after 3 minutes in the garden in the am, you'll be enjoying the loveliest weather that late spring and summer has to offer for north america ,I think!

    Now the voles.. can't help you there. little B*^&#ds.

  9. Earlier this week we had thunderstorms and now have a forecast of snow! It's been a weird weather week! Hopefully the squirrels left your bulbs alone. Why can't they pull weeds instead of eating our bulbs?

  10. We got the same storm just before you- so depressing at this time of year to have to shovel the driveway repeatedly. Hopefully it melts away soon.
    P.S. Love the new look!

  11. Jane - Thanks, I looked back at my photos and found the apples bloomed last May, so still a month more to go. It's sunny today but that wind won't quit. Makes it feel so much colder than it is.

    Brenda thank you. I'm still going to be fussing with the blog more this week but it's time to turn over a new leaf. Funny, the weather guy said we would miss this storm but instead it hit us head on. oh well, it's only a matter of weeks now until we're out of it.

    Jess - boy did you get it right. I'm so envious of all the southern spring blooms right now but it's true you guys get hot hot summers like nothing else.

    TS - Hopefully squirrels won't be the next ambush. I know there are a few around as they made themselves quite at home last autumn in the apple orchard. Thus far all is quiet though, fingers crossed.

    Jennifer, I know! We actually had to shovel again. So disheartening. I'm trying to stay positive though. Thanks for the compliment, I'm quite happy with the results of this switch too.

  12. Love the fresh new look, Marguerite! And yes, there was no need of that snowstorm. We got it here too, though it was a very spotty thing. Five inches of snow in our yard, nothing a couple of miles away. Spring in Atlantic Canada...

  13. First, I love the new look.

    Second, I have in the past lost a lot of bulbs to voles so I am glad you dodged that bullet.

    Third, so sorry about the snow.

  14. Jodi - thank you! sorry to hear you got the snow too. Word was it would bypass us all but I guess that was wishful thinking. I'm quickly learning what you mean by FARCH!

    Cheri - Thank you, I'm so glad to hear people are liking the change! You get voles as well? I would have thought your weather would be too warm for voles but glad to hear I'm not alone. I'm hoping to learn from others on ways to combat those pesky critters.

  15. Ah, yes, it is that time of year when we begin to see what made it and what didn't. My clematis made it, but I'm not yet sure about the jasmine..... It's probably a goner, though, along with the rosemary. As far as bulbs go, I've heard that putting wire mesh loosely around them deters hungry critters. Haven't tried it myself yet.

  16. But you know that snow is going to go. The muscari bulbs know it! I am looking forward to seeing your spring garden!