Sunday, March 13, 2011

Prince Edward Island Through the Eyes of Google

I was catching up on my blogging this weekend and came across an excellent article from one of PEI's resident bloggers.   I've recently begun expanding my reading material from strictly garden reading to other areas and realized that PEI has a wealth of bloggers writing about this island and their various interests.  Gary Gray at Hidden Island Paradise is one of those.  Gary shares PEI's many virtues with his readers and his love of this island is prevalent.  I particularly loved this article Gary wrote.  A glimpse at how the internet has changed our world, bringing together art and computers, connecting people across the seas and showing off all our little island has to offer.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering.  Go visit Gary's blog and read for yourself.


  1. Hey Marguerite,

    Thank you so much for promoting my blog. Also love the picture of the West Point Lighthouse.One of my very Favorite places on P.E.I. is right where that picture was taken. On the evening of a full moon. As the sun sets into the water to the West the full moon is rising from the dunes to the East. Absolutely an awesome Island experience. :) Gary

  2. Hey Gary, fancy seeing you here!

  3. Hi Marguerite,
    Yes, I agree that the internet makes it possible to make friends all across the world. I will have to pay Gary a visit.

  4. Marguerite~PEI has always looked like a fine place to live! I wanted to say how much I liked your home tour! gail

  5. Gary - that lighthouse really is a beautiful spot. I heard that the dunes were all but washed away this past winter. I wonder what it looks like now.

    Jennifer - You should really take a look, the artwork is amazing

    Thanks Gail! I'm hoping to take more country home photos in the near future as a companion piece.

  6. Lots of good things down in 'ol P.E.I. thanks for posting.