Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Flowers

I was moaning recently that I had no flowers except my tiny squills.  How could I whine when the squill are so lovely.

Then I went outside today and realized, flowers have begun to appear, so now I really can't complain that I have no blooms to share.

I spotted the first dandelion of the season.

My very first plant purchase for my garden last year was this common lilac, now producing buds.

The muscari bulbs I planted under the birch trees are producing beautiful buds too.

And the first violet of the season turned it's lovely face into the sun.

Even the ditches are full of flowers, like those on this willow.

Let the flower season begin!


  1. Yay for flowers!!! I believe spring has reached its tipping point at last - there will be no stopping her now!

  2. Marguerite your place is so green compared to mine. What a great idea to plant Muscari in the grass. It looks lovely.

  3. lovely to see you have some flowers Marguerite may there be many more, I just love the squilla and they flowered much longer than the crocus, first time I've had them in my garden but I think I will be buying more, Frances

  4. Those splashes of Spring colour must be a very welcome relief after such a long cold snowy winter. May the mower miss them all ;-)

  5. Lucky you to have lilacs almost blooming! And the squills are lovely - never seen them before. Glad you have found some blooms to brighten your day!

  6. I'm glad you included the dandelion. I'm always glad to see them in spring. I love their shade of yellow. :o)

  7. Yesterday I saw a flower I liked very much and said to hubs I needed to find out what it was and low and behold I come here and you have a picture of it :) muscari.

  8. No lilac buds here yet, so you must be a bit ahead of us. Plenty of blooms but not yet lilac. I like the blue of the squill. I would have no complaints with that one either.

  9. Jane - I think you're right. The grass suddenly got green and the flowers have decided to make a go of it. Despite the cool and rainy weather.

    Melanie - Don't be too deceived. The grass has been all kinds of brown up until a few days ago. But we've had constant rain lately and it seems to have brought about a quick change.

    Frances - so nice to hear you're enjoying the squill too. I'm surprised at how long they are flowering for here but I thought maybe it was the cool temperatures prolonging the blooms.

    Janet - LOL! Hubby tells me mowing just got a whole lot more interesting trying to miss the many bulbs.

    Cat - I can't believe this lilac is trying to bloom. After being just a year in the ground I wouldn't have thought blooms were possible yet.

    TS - I'll take any flower I can get! Even a dandelion makes me happy. Although I couldn't get a good shot of it that dandelion even managed to attract a bee which made me happier.

    Johanna - how wonderful! I've had the same thing happen to me several times on other blogs (thank you Carol for identifying the elderberry for me!). There's such a wealth of information out there to discover.

    Donna - That's funny, I never would have thought my garden would be ahead of yours. Perhaps it's just a microclimate in that part of my yard? It is a somewhat protected spot.

  10. I do love the tiny blue blooms on your Squill. Beautiful. Even the dandelions put on a bright bold sunny color. Spring is awakening!

  11. Oh, I like the willow "buds". They have texture, and they look a bit like fuzzy caterpillars!

  12. Janet - The plants are telling me it's spring but it seems we've had a relapse in the weather. Cold and rainy now, thank goodness for those lovely flowers.

    Soapbox - I like them too! Such bright fuzzy globs that draw your eye. The ditches are full of them right now.