Sunday, May 22, 2011

Triumphs and Tragedies

Our long slow, and cold, spring turned a corner this week.  Like someone turned up the dial and we went from 6 degrees to 22 degrees.  I changed my fleece bed sheets to cool cotton ones.  I laughed at myself how I forget the climate here.  Even though my head knows I live in a new climate, my body forgets.  The sudden rush of heat and humidity shocked me.  Oh yes!  that's why we have ceiling fans in every bedroom.  It gets unbearably hot here in summer.  But just as quickly the dial was turned back down.  Oh make up your mind won't you!

The sudden change in weather means I'm terribly short on time.  My vegetable garden is calling to be planted and yet I haven't even finished creating the new beds.  Indoor seedlings still haven't been fully hardened off so they will have to wait at least a week for planting.  That will buy me some time.

Bleeding hearts are only now starting to reach their height, flowers beginning to form.  Thank goodness I mulched this bed a month ago and haven't needed to worry about it since.

Alongside the bleeding hearts I planted Tiarella in this bed last summer.  All plants have survived the winter and are beginning to push out new foliage and flower buds.  Small yet but one day they will spread.

A small amount of clean up has taken place in the knot garden.  As I looked at it the other evening I realized the shape is suddenly visible.  Quick, get the camera!

The bones are showing through and it looks quite pleasing.  A small victory but I'll take what I can.  and now I must run.  While the weather holds I must work as quickly as I can.


  1. hum, seems you might be putting those flannelette sheets back on tonight as we have had another switch in the weather. I've been here 12 years and I haven't adjusted yet.

    Wait on the gardening, I just killed two very special black eyed susan vines because I forgot to bring them inside, yucks.

  2. hmm, not so warm today, though! In a fit of enthusiasm, I stuck my alyssum seedlings on the deck on that very warm day, and they were not impressed. Hopefully, I will salvage some of them, oops.

  3. Nothing like a little warm spell to get us going! That's when I always feel the most behind - when I realize things really are going to get warm and how much I have to do! The knot bed is going to be beautiful!

  4. Yes the ever changing weather is certainly entertaining. I wrote a blog post celebrating the glorious weather, and the next morning when it posted it was unexpectedly pouring rain. Not so bad I suppose, but it was a unusually predicted sunny long weekend. Ah life...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Hello there Marguerite !
    I left a message on your "contact me" section about Canning Perennials .. I hope it worked it came back as "busy" when I clicked it.
    I so know about that jump from cold to hot buisiness we go through it here with a load of humidity and talk about sweat ? ugh ! not a nice topic I know .. I worked all day in the garden yesterday too and it has jumped so far ahead of me it is scary .. this is not what I would call a good or "nice" garden year ? No easy pace to follow at all !
    Love your beds girl and I am the mulch queen here ! haha
    In case the not didn't work .. my address is

  6. The heat and humidity wasn't as quick to come on for us as last year, but it's come on faster than yours has.

    I always try to see how long we can go without turning on the air conditioning (because it's so nice to have such a low electric bill). Usually we get to the first week of June, and it HAS to come on. Ceiling fans have already been on for a month.

    Come on...that picture I posted of Chuck in short shorts from 1986 didn't heat you up? Even just a little? :) LOL

  7. Oh this weather is crazy.
    Friday you are in shorts and Sunday a heavy jacket.
    Your knot garden is coming along nicely and by the time Summer rolls around I bet it will look beautiful.
    We planted a Cherry Tree, Ash Tree, Witch Hazel and a High Bush Cranberry.
    The Cherry tree was bought from our local nursery but the rest was from MacPhail Woods Nursery.
    Your post suggestion about this nursery gave us a pleasant drive, and great tree's at a good price.
    The staff on hand was wonderful wrapping the trees in seaweed and plastic for our drive home.
    Thanks for your great blog post on MacPhails.
    Well worth the drive.

  8. cindy - you said it!! I've been out working all day and a couple layers were needed, now I'm inside in my warm jammies. But at least it wasn't raining and I managed to get a good amount of work done. Sorry to hear about your plants. My plants went out yesterday and I managed to kill several sunflower seedlings and had my tomato leaves curl. This weather is so hard to figure, one minute blazing hot and frigid the next.

    Kim - looks like we're all getting confused with our seedlings. Is it too hot or too cold? nothing seems to be quite right.

    Holley - it's been so cold here I've hardly wanted to go outside and now that's the weather's warming everything needs to be done ASAP. Spring feels like such a race.

    Jen - it sounds like all across the country the weather is having a hard time making up it's mind. Are we hot, are we cold? I've completely given up on weather forecasts at this point.

  9. Joy - not sure why the contact sheet didn't work but I will email you. that's exactly it, the weather is setting the pace and it's not working for me!

    Kyna - good lord, that was Chuck! tell me it isn't so!

    Witch - I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed yourself and got so many wonderful plants. The staff talked me into highbush cranberry and I couldn't be more pleased. Very helpful people and I was impressed with the prices too.

  10. I was out all day moving plants from inside to outside. I actually worked up a sweat for the first time today. I already took my fleece sheets off and replaced them with flannel. Not sure if I should go with cotton yet or not. Can't trust this strange weather this year.

  11. Congrats for having great weather and a fine garden. It looks huge and overwhelming for me actually.

    Glad the beetles made you laugh. I wonder if you would find the flies I posted today funny too. They were in the same position but I selected a photo from a different angle so that it seems more discreet. It's just for laughs. :)

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  13. I'm glad you had some time in the garden even though it was short, the weather seems weird all over the northern hemisphere this winter and spring lets hope it gets back to more usual weather come summer,
    the knot garden is looking good, it is nice when you start to see a reward for all the hard work, in a few years when you have it done and replanted it will be beautiful and a joy, Frances

  14. Bonnie - you might be right about the sheets, last night we had to turn the heat on in the house again. The thermometer just won't stay still.

    Kyna - does Chuck know you're putting sassy photos of him on the internet for all to see?

    One - More illicit bug photos! LOL I'm headed right over.

    Frances - it does seem to be a very turbulent spring. Although our weather is certainly perplexing I shouldn't complain too much. All across North America there's been flooding and tornados, a jumpy thermometer is nothing to complain about.

  15. Isn't mulch great? Though not as great as seeing the bones of the knot garden start to emerge. It made me wonder if you could anchor it more strongly in its setting by enlarging, so that it was more in scale - not an idea you will thank me for, I'm sure, given how much work you already have on your plate! Enjoy the garden and good luck with the plant juggling.

  16. Yes he does know, actually LOL.

    I think he's read every single post I've written. Not because he's checking up on me, but he's truly a fan! :D If I wanted to post a current picture of himself shirtless, he'd probably veto THAT. :P

  17. Your side bed against the house looks really great and your bleeding hearts are ahead of ours so they must be happy! Hope you didn't get a frost last night, as predicted in some areas. We went down to four but warmish today. Keep posting progress..really enjoy your photos.

  18. Janet - I think you're right. My thoughts are that there should be a grassy path around the knot garden and then a border of some sort beyond that to frame it. Much work but I'll get there someday!

    Kyna - how awesome that he reads your blog! My hubby checks in once in a while but pretty irregular I think. Gardening just isn't as interesting to him as it is to me.

    Bren - no frost here thank goodness but boy, it's been cold over night. I can't wait for some consistent temperatures.

  19. Ah the weather, a never ending topic of contention. :) When I retire I want to live in a tropical climate, no snow, no sub zero temperatures, lots of never ending sunshine and warmth. It was like that when I lived in Malaysia for four years, loved it.

  20. Melanie - the one downside of moving east for us was the weather. As you know the lower mainland of BC has short rainy winters and long warm summers. I miss blooms in March! But the trade off was our own piece of paradise so I try not to complain too often!

  21. Oh I hope the weather lasts for you! And that it isn't just a tease! Though I think you might regret changing to cotton sheets so soon:)We're a little slow on that one, still using flannel but I turned off the furnace a month or more ago and the nights are still really cool around here. Going down to 6c tonight! Yeah, the weather can't make its mind up around here either - I think it's a Canadian "thing"!

  22. Jane, you may be right. It's pouring down rain again and cold cold cold! better get out the fleecy pajamas

  23. Hooray for no snow and having plants push out of the ground!! Your bleeding heart looks like it's going to be pretty big! :o)

  24. TS - those bleeding hearts were here when we moved in and I was stunned at how large they were last year and how many! I tried to dig some out and realized just how big a root can get on these plants. It looked like a tree root!