Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh how I love a Zinnia

There are different plants and flowers that you fall in love with at different times in your life, at different times of year and on different days.  Today I love zinnias.
When I planted my vegetable garden I knew I would want some flowers to bring a smile to my face.  Vegetables just aren't pretty enough for me.  So I bought a packet of cactus flowered zinnias in mixed colours.  No latin name on the packet but likely a hybrid of Zinnia elegans.  
Zinnias are an annual flower so they will only last one year.  My plants reach approximately 36 inches high and flowers can be 6 inches across.  However, you can find zinnias in all sizes and shapes.  Some are just 12 inches high and perfect for pots.  Some have pompom type flowers or bi-colours.  Some are ruffled.  Whatever your passion there's a zinnia that will likely fit the bill.
While my tastes run to the very bright and some might say, very gaudy, zinnias are available in more subtle colours for those looking for a more tasteful selection.
The nicest bit of all is that zinnias are easy to grow.  I paid $1.69 for a packet of seeds and I threw them in with my veggies in spring.  The seeds are extra large so there's no fiddling involved with teeny tiny seeds.  Just find a nice sunny location is all.  No pampering, no greenhouses.  Just push them into the soil and several months later you will be blessed with big glorious blooms.

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  1. I've never planted zinias before. Your pictures make me want to. Why are they using that on the package of seed?

  2. I love zinnias too!. They are forgiving and give wonderful colorful displays.

    They also remind me of childhood. My mother was very fond of them.

  3. Aahh a convert, yah!! Laura, might I add that zinnias are perfect for children to plant as the seeds are so large and easy to grow. Not to mention the big blooms with bright colours. Or for the lazy adult, like myself, who doesn't want a lot of work;-) Not sure I understand what you mean about the seed packet?

    LifesHighway - Zinnias really are a cheerful bunch of flowers and so easy to grow. They certainly get my vote. Funny how we remember flowers from childhood. I always think of bleeding hearts and gladiolas.

  4. Zinnias ALWAYS have a place in my Gardens. I collect my seeds and plant them in the SPring. So easy to grow! Beautiful post!

  5. Thanks Meredehuit. They're blooming like crazy right now and I had so many pictures I had to post them.

  6. I also love Zinnias.. The first time I planted them, I did so because the seeds were inexpensive. Now I plant them because the butterflies, birds, hummingbirds and my family love them also!

  7. Rebecca - I had a similar experience. When I started growing my own seeds I used zinnias as the seeds were cheap and easy to grow. Now I love their big bold flowers and can't think of a garden without them!