Friday, August 20, 2010

Triumphs and Tragedies

Another holiday day this Friday, although this time it's courtesy of the Province of PEI.  Instead of a long weekend at the beginning of August we take a holiday in the middle of the month to celebrate The Gold Cup & Saucer.  That's right.  We are celebrating a horse race.  (Gotta love these islanders!)  And the end of summer.  *sigh*

Anyway, I took a little tour of the garden this morning and have been watering non-stop since then.  Despite having rain showers throughout the last month there hasn't been a good soaking so some plants are looking a little wilty and bug damaged.
Highbush cranberry is rather spotty
Other plants don't seem bothered by the heat at all.  I'm not sure if this is such a good thing.  For instance, do you remember the Plume Poppy I sort of accidentally purchased in the spring?  I thought it was an actual poppy and didn't realize it's invasive nature.  Well look at it now.
That's it in the foreground.  Already about half the size of the apple tree behind it.  A little triumph and tragedy all mixed in one package.  It's doing so well but when does it decide to move into the house and evict us?

A very exciting triumph for me is the status of the vegetable garden.  It has gone from looking all vegetablelly to pretty.
My zinnias have started to bloom and the cilantro has decided to follow suit.  Not that I don't like vegetables but they often look so drab.  Some bright colours go a long way to making my vegetable garden a delight to the eyes as well as the senses.
Did I really put pink and red together?  oh ya!
And a final triumph for the day.  I saw these sedums pop up in the spring but really haven't paid them any mind till now.  In the past I've had a variety called Autumn Joy which frankly didn't set my bells to tinkling.  Kind of ho hum pink eventually darkening to a more cherry then russet colour.  I assumed, incorrectly, these would be the same.
Not so.  They came out with a bang in a very extreme pink almost purple colour.  I like these a lot better.

Well that's it for the day, Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Your plume poppy would love my trumpet creeper. The trumpet creeper would devour my house and take over the garden if I let it. The cilantro and zinnias are so pretty! Add some orange and purple and all you'll be missing are the party hats! Oh yeah, I think your sedum is a cultivar called Matrona.

  2. TS - Together the poppy and the creepy could take over a state if so inclined I'm sure. What you can't see in the photo is the orange marigolds in the background. I also have a dahlia set to bloom in who knows what colour - perhaps purple? ;-) I'll get my party hat.