Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday

Yes, I know it's Thursday.

I tried to do a wildflower post yesterday but when I looked up the plant I intended to feature I got muddled and my post began to morph into another "Is this a Wildflower or a Weed" struggle.  It seems I'm having a lot of problems with that concept these days.  I think I'm trying to define a rule that says this is a weed or this isn't a weed.  But life is not black and white, just infinite shades of gray and a wildflower (or weed) will not be hemmed in by rules.

So instead I'm joining the Wildflower meme today, courtesy of Clay and Limestone, and showing off some plain old field plants.  I'm not looking them up, not questioning their parentage, and not debating their weediness.  I'm going to appreciate them simply for their looks and their willingness to grace my former lawn with their presence.

You can just make out the vestiges of our former lawn under the carpet of tall dried grasses.

Clove and yarrow are beginning to fade and dry out in the hot August sun.
Something in the legume family

Climbing nightshade
Witch hazel
There, that wasn't so hard.  Much more interesting than the plain old lawn that was there before.


  1. A perfectly wonderful posting for Wildflower Wednesday! How do you like zone 5 gardening after one full year? gail

  2. Gail, so far things aren't too different in zone 5. There's a few plants I can't enjoy anymore but I'm not so terribly limited. I'm more concerned about how things will fare over the winter. That might bring some surprises.

  3. What a haven for beneficials, and so ecologically sound. Lovely!

  4. Great shot of the thistle. The boundary between weed and wildflower is so fluid. I don't think there can be a definitive answer. Which means you can't be wrong. :)

  5. I'm sure the birds and the bees and other little thingys love this lawn. Very pretty!

  6. Laura, I can't define it therefore it's like a riddle that can't be solved and makes me crazy! Not sure why I do that to myself.

    Sandra and Ms. S, indeed the bees and bugs love this part of my yard. It always makes me feel good to see them and know we are helping create a more natural environment here. Although I do have plans to add more flowers over time to this area. Bee balm and Echinacea are high on my list.