Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life on the Island

Spring (or is it summer now?) has returned to our island home.

The birds are singing.  The fields have turned green.

And the lupines are beginning to bloom.

Ditch after ditch, road after road

We took a stroll through the neighbourhood last evening, down the park road

past the creek

and the church

to the shore


  1. Is there much horse riding on the island. Looks like it would be wonderful to ride.

  2. What a perfect summer evening stroll. I haven't been to PEI in about 7 years but I always smile when I think of it. :)

  3. Lifeshighway - People love their horses here. Some ride but racing is the real attraction. Standard bred harness racing that is. Which reminds me, we haven't been to the track in far too long...

    Ms.S - We thank our lucky stars every day we found this place and are lucky enough to call it home. Glad to hear you liked it too.

  4. Wow, that's so pretty! I really want to visit PEI now! :D

    Well, actually...I admit I've wanted to visit ever since I first read Anne of Green Gables :P lol

  5. I love lupine! We have a lot of that beautiful purpley/blue growing wild around my neighborhood, off the side of a mountain. I'm currently growing two types, Gallery red and gallery white. They are fantastic!

    I'd love to take a sunny walk through your neighborhood. Simply stunning!

  6. @Laura - I'm not entirely sure if the lupines are wild or not. I've heard a story that someone actively threw seeds on the roadsides. Either way they sure are gorgeous.

    @ Kyna - Two years ago the only thing I knew about PEI was Anne of Green Gables. My favourite childhood book but I never imagined visiting here. How things have changed!