Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Monthly Garden Bouquet

The Monthly Garden Bouquet is a garden blog meme created by Noelle at Ramblings from a Desert Garden.

I just learned about this meme the other day and it appealed to me right away.  The third week of each month you post a bouquet of flowers created from your garden.  I love collecting flowers for the house anyway and this is also a great way to record what was blooming and when for future use.  Since you can enter any time in the third week of the month there's plenty of time to get in your entry, ahem, for some of us not so organized bloggers.

If you've read my posts in the last few days you'll know that I was out collecting daisies while cats were invading my home.  Those daisies were for my very first bouquet collected from our yard.

While I don't have much in cultivated flowers at this point in time there's certainly numerous wildflowers popping up around the yard.  This bouquet consisted mainly of daisies (I'm not sure what kind, probably the invasive bad ones that I shouldn't be supporting but I like them so much.  Did you know that Marguerite is french for daisy?)  I also threw in something I believe is a white Jacob's Ladder.  These are in the overgrown flower bed and likely were planted on purpose.  Wild white yarrow was included.  For greenery I cut off something that appears to be a Spirea of some sort.  It's not blooming yet so we'll have to wait a bit to identify it.  Then Jody came along and insisted on some colour so we put purple Ajuga in and also purple violets.  It's not too fancy but for me there can be nothing nicer than gathering my first bouquet of flowers from my new home.

p.s.  the pink peonies just started blooming today which is why they weren't included in my bouquet.  I'll be making a bouquet of them on Monday to take in to work instead.


  1. That's a pretty bouquet! I like the daisy!

  2. Lovely bouquet. I adore peonies but have absolutely no luck with them.

  3. Lovely bouquet and vessel! Very fresh and pretty. :)

  4. Great casual bouquet! I love wildflowers and think they can be just as spectacular as more fussy perennials.

  5. Thanks for the compliments! The vessel is a small jug I purchased for a couple dollars at the local flea market. Perfect for small bouquets. I can't take any credit for the peonies as they came with the house.

  6. Marguerite, Your bouquet is lovely. I, too, often use wildflowers (and ferns) in my flower arrangements for the house, and this seems to be a particularly good time of year for cut wildflowers. My current house bouquets also include yarrow, as well as whorled loosestrife, cinquefoil and buttercup. -Jean

  7. Hello Marguerite,

    I apologize for being so late in commenting on your bouquet. It is absolutely lovely....I love daisies and love how you paired them with purple violas. The container just makes it all perfect.

    Thank you so much for participating :-)